Mole On Left Foot For Females On February 9, 2024

Astrology uses planet placements to analyse human nature and characteristics. Similarly, Samudrik shastra is an ancient art that focuses on gaining insights into physical feature interpretations and also destiny, behaviour, and character. It also provides descriptions of the auspicious and inauspicious types of moles in this ancient prediction form. There are many interpretations of moles […]

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What Is The Spiritual Significance Behind Two Crows? On February 9, 2024

In the spiritual world, two crows have great significance. They are said to be bearers of fortune and good luck. It is believed that the two crows indicate harmony and balance and connect the spiritual and physical realms. They also symbolize hope and new beginnings. They are seen as a call for healing and spiritual […]

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Can We Cut Hair On Monday? On February 9, 2024

Did you get your hair cut and your mother got angry about it as it was done on an inauspicious day? Well, that is not strange, as according to astrology, many factors influence many aspects of life and there are good and bad days for even a simple act like a haircut. Further, lunar and […]

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Unlucky Moles On Female Body On February 9, 2024

The human body is a great index, as it can predict a person’s destiny as well as their nature. If you want to get good insights into the personality of an individual, moles on the body, especially the face, are a great indicator. Some of these are present at birth and there are many that […]

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Copper Rings On February 9, 2024

Copper Rings – did you know that by simply wearing them, you can enjoy some health benefits? For many centuries, copper has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of different types of ailments. The best part about copper is that it is an excellent component for making jewelry and, hence, can be worn […]


Best Time for a Couple to Try for Babies, According to Astrology On February 2, 2024

In Hindu culture, one reason people get married is to have children who will continue their lineage. Hence, the lack of progeny is considered to be a matter of great concern. In such cases, one can perform astrological remedies, as Vedic astrology claims that certain Doshas like Naga/ Sarpa Dosha and Pitru Dosha can cause infertility and […]

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4 Signs That Can Be Perfect Soulmates for Cancer Zodiac Sign Natives On February 2, 2024

Most of us dream of finding our soulmate one day. The word ‘soulmate’ implies a connection of souls, which is pretty deep and not so easy to find. And for some people, it can be even more difficult to find a soulmate. Like people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, for instance. Cancer signs […]

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Meaning of Seeing Dead People in Dreams On February 2, 2024

Most of us have dreams when we sleep. Some are good, some are puzzling, and some can be scary. Seeing dead people in your dreams can be scary, no doubt. But they may mean something that is related to things that are going on in your life. Dreams emerge from our subconscious mind. The subconscious […]


Effects of Mars in 7th House and Remedies On February 2, 2024

Planet Mars or Mangal signifies energy, passion, and assertiveness. People fear Mars due to its malefic nature. When it occupies the 7th house (house of marriage, relationships, and partnerships) in a birth chart, it has a bearing on how the native interacts with people and forms intimate connections with others. These natives will put great passion, […]


Empty Houses in Astrology: What Does It Mean in Your Birth Chart?
On February 2, 2024

There are 12 houses or Bhavas in astrology, and they have great importance in shaping the destiny of a person. The 1st house, for example, signifies our self, meaning personality traits. The 2nd house represents wealth and family, and so on. Usually, there will be one or more planets occupying these houses. But on occasion, […]