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Left Eye Blinking or Twitching for Male Astrology Meaning

We often wonder why our eyes keep twitching or blinking for no reason. Sometimes it may be the left eye and sometimes, it might be the right. Although there are many scientific reasons behind this, many of us would remember our grandmother or elderly people saying that it was a bad or good omen. Some of us might have ridiculed their remark, however, you might have to admit that there are some occult reasons behind this marvel.

In astrology, such a phenomenon comes under the study of omens. Since ancient times, the public has thought that omens can forecast the future and that they are the communication from the gods. Omens may be bad or good. Seeing comets also are considered as good or bad omens. Halley’s comet was a bad omen for King Harold II of England. Similarly, in India, if a black cat crosses your path, it is considered a bad omen in most cultures.

The Shastras and Vedas also offer interpretations of such omens. Also, the twitching or the blinking of the eyes for men and women may have different meanings. Depending on the eye, which is blinking or twitching, it can be both auspicious and inauspicious. There are chances that you might also get surprised after hearing the spiritual facts regarding the twitching or blinking of the left eye.

This article will discuss whether the twitching or blinking of the left eye for males is considered good or bad for men.

Significance of eye-twitching

If we consider Samudra Shastra, then it is considered that the right eye twitching is auspicious for men. If the eyebrows and eyelids of the left eye of a male blink, then it is considered inauspicious. It also indicates that there may be possibilities of a dispute or clash with an old enemy, or there will be an escalation in the bitterness.

If the lowermost part of the left eye flickers, then there are chances of ending up in a verbal spat with someone and you may also have to confront embarrassment. And if the upper part of the left eye, near the nose flickers, then there is a likelihood of something inauspicious happening.

If the upper part of the left eye, near the ear flickers, then there are probabilities of facing health-related problems soon. Similarly, if the lower middle part of the left eye flickers, then there are high chances of financial losses.

Eye-twitching in Chinese astrology

In Chinese astrology, the twitching or blinking of the left eye is considered auspicious. However, if it’s the right eye, it predicts misfortune. The interesting thing is that if the same happens for a woman, it’s completely the opposite. If the lid below the left eye tears, it signifies that a sad or heart-breaking event may follow, or people may circulate rumors about you.

In African Astrology, the flickering or blinking of the lower eyelid indicates that you are almost going to cry. In case, if it is the upper eyelid that blinks, you may have a rapid and unanticipated encounter with someone. 

Scientific reasons for twitching eyes

Blinking or eye twitching is a common symptom and there are many scientific reasons behind it. Some of the reasons include working in low light, lack of sleep, fatigue or tiredness, excessive use of caffeine, neurological problems, or working for long hours on the computer. However, there is no clarity precisely regarding the eye twitching, and it’s difficult to explain.