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What Does the Blinking of Right Eye Mean in Astrology

Would you believe that an ordinary thing such as eye twitching is related to omens or superstitions? If no, then read this. The blinking of eyes or eye twitching superstition is not about just India but is believed in the other parts of the world too. As per Vedic Astrology, the twitching of eyes can be used as a tool for predicting the future. Yes! Your blinking eyes can tell a lot more than you imagine. Although these eye twitching superstitions may be harmless or mild, at times, they can be worrisome for many.

The eye twitching happens on its own for most of the time, and may perhaps not last long, but there is forever a sense behind it. In numerous cultures, eye twitching is linked with specific positive and negative outcomes.

Eye twitching or the blinking of the eyes used to foretell events in countries like China, India, Hawaii, and Africa. The prediction differs in terms of eye orientation and gender. The results also differ based on the twitching of the left or the right eye.

Eye Blinking in African Culture

In certain regions of Africa, if the lower eyelid twitches or blinks, it implies that the individual will weep soon. If the upper eyelid twitches, then that individual will encounter someone unexpectedly.

Eye Twitching in Chinese Culture

The Chinese have their own beliefs about eye twitching or blinking. They believe that the blinking of the right eyelid of a man indicates bad luck and if the left eyelid twitches or blinks, then it indicates good fortune.

For women, right eye twitching indicates good fortune, while the left eye blinking is not a good sign. Some say that twitching in the lower left eyelid indicates that someone would be gossiping about them or there are chances of weeping.

Eye Twitching in Hawaiian Culture

In Hawaii, eye twitching indicates that some outsider may arrive or there are chances of someone’s death. Some believe that the blinking of the right eye indicates the forthcoming birth of a child, while the frequent blinking of the left eye implies a downfall of the family.

Eye Twitching in Indian Culture

In India, right eye twitching is considered good for men and left eye twitching is considered bad. Similarly, for the women, it is exactly the opposite.

Still, it is impartial of the time of day, in Indian astrology. It is considered that our body is offering us some hints regarding the good and bad things that are about to come.

In some cultures, the blinking of the right eye implies that somebody is praising the individual, or that the individual may receive some good news. Whereas some believe that the right eye blinking is the omen of death, particularly that of a close relative.

Blinking of Right Eye for Male

Generally, in India, if a man’s right eye twitches or blinks, then it is propitious. It implies that he may hear some good news related to his career. It can also spell a good future and fortune.

Blinking of Right Eye for Female

The twitching or blinking of the right eye of a woman is considered a bad omen. It implies that she may receive some bad news about her career and may also have to face several problems in their life.

Eye Twitching As per Time

The eye twitching also depends on the time. Yes, you heard it right! If the right eye blinks between 6 AM and 5 PM, then that individual may receive some invitation. And, if the blinking occurs between 5 PM and 6 AM, then there are chances of some tragedy.

Medical Reasons for Eye Twitching

Eye twitching is usual and is not a cause of worry. It is usually short-lived and can be the result of excessive strain to the eyes, fatigue, lack of sleep, excessive use of phone or computer, or can even imply a neurological condition, which needs to be investigated by an eye doctor. At times, nutritional deficiencies, particularly related to magnesium, may also cause eye twitching or blinking.