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When Will I get Married | Marriage Astrology

Marriage is the new journey of one’s life that a person shares with another person. It is the most important event of our life because it is a matter of a lifetime. A marriage can shape a better future or ruin our life. Hence when it comes to marriage, people take every precaution possible when finding themselves a life partner.

Most people understand that once marriage happens, things become happily ever after, and marriage serves us forever. However, this is not the case in every marriage. Some marriages fail, and the reasons can be many. People end their marriage and divorce, blaming the other person or themselves.

When Will I get Married

Marriage Questions And Astrology

There are many causes why a marriage fails. Also, some natives might not get married when they want to. There might be delays in marriage, and they might not find a suitable life partner. Some might also go for a love marriage but might not be sure about its durability.

When a person juggles all kinds of questions regarding marriage, that is when marriage astrology comes to the rescue. We all know that we all have a destiny, regardless we believe it or not. Every person is born under the influence of stars and planets. Astrology uses the position of planets at the time of your birth and provides you with the birth chart. This birth chart works as your life path map, which can answer many important questions about your present and future.

The astrologer is the person who is experienced in reading the birth chart. Marriage astrology, for example, is a branch of astrology that answers all marriage-related questions. The astrologer can tell you everything related to your marriage and its future. You can have answers about your spouse, age gap, financial situation, looks, characteristics, etc.

You can get to know how compatible you both would be after marriage. You also get to know if there are any afflicted planets in play that might hamper the happiness in your marriage. Knowing all these obstructions beforehand gives you a chance to resolve these using astrological remedies suggested by the astrologer.

Hence many people opt for marriage astrology before getting married, even if it is a love marriage. This way, they resolve all possible difficulties beforehand and live a much improved marital life. This practice of knowing the future of your marital life is followed in many religions.

Hinduism follows Vedic astrology; Christians, too, opt for marriage counseling before tying the knot. People use Western astrology to learn more about their life partners in Western countries. This helps people know the underlying challenges in the marital future and to resolve them beforehand if possible.

Before tying the knot, the families of both people call their astrologers and get the birth charts analyzed. This is because after two people get married, their planetary placements affect each other. When this effect is positive, they live a harmonious, sensual, and successful marital life. If not, they both face many difficulties regarding finances, children, profession, etc.

Seek Marriage Guidance From The Specialists

Astrologers are specialists; they are experienced in reading birth charts. These people help you make the right decision regarding your ideal life partner and other marriage matters. They need your birth chart to make important predictions about your marriage life. 

You can also provide them with correct details such as date, place, and time of birth. Using these details, they prepare your birth chart and analyze the same to provide the answers to your questions.

They can provide you with details on early or delayed marriage. If your spouse has any health, financial, or family issues. Astrologers analyze the complete chart also to know any psychological issues that might hamper happiness in a marriage.

How Marriage Astrology Helps You

Marriage astrology works by guiding marriage matters. Those who haven’t married yet can seek marriage astrology. Those who have found their ideal partner and looking to check for their compatibility can head for marriage astrology.

This doesn’t mean that married couples can’t take help from marriage astrology. If you seem to be in an unhappy marriage or if there are ongoing issues that often lead to fights and stress, you can and should seek help from astrology. Some planetary combinations come in between the happiness of two people. If we pacify these issues on time, we can improve our marriage.

Marriage astrology reveals all the small and big details about marriage. They can also reveal sex compatibility between the couple as it is one of the most important factors in making a marriage lively. Hence many people want to know about their sex life after marriage; they can get to know the same via marriage astrology.

By reading the chart, an astrologer can reveal if the wife or husband is outgoing or introverted. He will also tell how this can affect their marriage. For a happy marriage, two people need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally compatible; astrology checks upon all these aspects and lets you know.

The birth chart also contains information about if the person will get married or not. Some people do not get married and live their life as bachelors. The reason can be found in their birth chart by looking at their houses and the placement of the planets in those houses. They can also be given remedies if they wish to marry, increasing their chances of getting married.


This is pretty much about marriage astrology. If you also want to have questions answered about your marital life, do consult an astrologer. Always go for the professional one as they are experienced and have all the needed certificates to prove their services. Get to know if there are any afflictions in your planets or Mahadasha and Antardasha and how they will affect your life.

Do the remedies as suggested by the astrologer and nullify the negative effects, so nothing affects your marriage life.