Amavasya Tarpanam

Our priest service comes with a powerful ritual to elevate your grand parents to higher plane and also relieve them from this material world. Moreover our priest service helps you to obtain their blessings.


Amavasya (New moon) is derived from the name of a ‘King Amavasu’. The pithru loka is supposed to be on the unseen side of the moon. This portion gets exposed to sun on the new moon days. One should never ignore to perform this ritual for the departed ancestors as it would earn their curses on one’s family. Vishnu Dharma Shastra states that Amavasya is the day to perform rituals to three ancestral generations. Only fatherless sons are eligible to do Tarpanam. The departed forefathers are solely dependent on their progeny to feed them.

Benefits of Amavasya Tarpanam

  • Amavasya Pitru ritual helps to get the blessings of Lord Yama.
  • The family is protected from ill-fate and removes obstacles.
  • The deceased ancestors' souls not only get satisfied but also get relief.
  • They bless their children with long life, radiance, superior intellect, wealth, success and provisions.


Agnishvattas, one of the seven classes of the divine Pitrus’ had an 'Manasi Kanya' (mentally conceived girl) called Acchoda. This river daughter always coveted for a mortal father. This desire made her loose the divine and Yogic power and further made her fall from heaven. While falling, she passed the Pitruloka (World dedicated to ancestors) and prayed to them to save her. Hearing her appeal and sorrowful story the ancestors decided to rescue her from her miserable state. The Pitrus (ancestors) advised her to be born as the daughter of King Amavasu. Thus Acchoda in due course regained her lost powers and arranged a ceremony to remember the Pitrus as a mark of gratitude.

People also conduct 'Poorna Kriya' on the Amavasyas which is generally related with the birth of twins thus bringing contentment and peace in their life.

Steps of Tarpanam

The Tarpan is performed according to the person’s caste and creed. So our priest service follows some ritual according to the respective community and it is carried out to your best of satisfaction.

Role of Priest service

Our priest service perform ancestral Karma every month to plea the forefathers and to safeguard your interest from hindrances and get their blessings in order to lead a very peaceful life.

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