Ketu Homam for Good Health & Overall Prosperity

Ketu is a lunar node that is positioned on the southern side of the planet Moon (Chandra) and is the ninth of the Hindu astrology's Navagrahas (nine planets). The ruling god of Ketu is Lord Ganesha. Ketu is a phantom planet that has no physical reality. Ketu is a retrograde planet that always goes backwards. Ketu travels across the zodiac every 18 years, taking about 1.5 years to traverse through each sign.

Ketu rules religion, monastic life, crime and punishment, hidden foes and perils, and the occult, according to vedic astrology. Deep thought, a yearning for knowledge, altering events, spiritual progress, comets, cheatings, and mental disease are all related with Ketu.

Well Placed Ketu

Ketu in a horoscope that is well positioned offers success, a lot of luxury, relieves disease caused by harmful substances, grants excellent health, and intuition. Wisdom, psychic talents, healing capabilities, discriminating powers, a thirst for knowledge, and a lack of connection to worldly aspirations and ambitions are all gifts it bestows.

Unfavourably Placed Ketu

Ketu in an unfavourable position can generate various problems and obstacles in the native's life. It is to blame for many unfortunate events in life, such as car accidents. It can lead to poor vision, fears and anxiety, quarrels, and a harsh heart. It breeds bad habits, adversaries, quarrels, and roadblocks, as well as loss of property and honour.

Through the implementation of corrective actions, Ketu Graha should be propitiated in order to obtain favourable outcomes and blessings from the planet.

Why is Ketu Homam performed?

The Ketu Homam is used to help people overcome ailments and negative influences in their lives. Because Ketu is a nodal planet, it serves as an agent for the sign's owner and the overlord of the sign in which it is positioned. Depending on its location in your birth chart, Ketu might have beneficial or bad influences on your life. Ketu is also thought to give you a spiritual bent of mind and make it easier for you to have a devotional bond with the Almighty.

Our highly trained priest with years of expertise performing the Homam recites powerful mantras and hymns to appease the nodal planet during the procedure. The Ketu homam can help you achieve total prosperity, improve your financial situation, and improve your health. By performing the homam, you may tap into Ketu's divine power and experience extraordinary prosperity and renown.

Benefits of Performing Ketu Homam

A homam to Ketu has the potential to cleanse the horoscope of astrological faults or doshas (impurities) induced by Ketu's unfavourable placement. Homam or yagya is a full treatment for an ill-placed planet's unfavourable outcomes, providing long-term alleviation from miseries caused by planetary doshas.

Invoking Ketu in the Homam, according to the Vedic writings, can provide the following benefits:

  • Maintain a reasonable standard of living
  • Easily overcome difficulties
  • Take pleasure in the core of life.
  • Become a jack of all crafts.
  • Ascend to new heights
  • Drawn towards spirituality
  • Learn to be wise and intelligent.
  • Defend yourself against sickness and snakebites.
Mantra for Ketu Homam

“Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah”