Shastiapthapoorthi at Thirukkadaiyur

Our priest service comes with a package of Homas and Kalasa Poojas performed during Shastiapthapoorthi. It is specially conducted at Thirukadaiyur in order to strengthen the bondage among the couple and get the grace for a healthy and long life.

Significance of Thirukadaiyur

This temple is associated with the legends of Markandeya and Abirami Patter. The devotees of Shiva (Nayanmars) Sambandar, Navukarasar and Sundarar have sung the Lord’s praise. Kungilinayanar and Karinayanar also attained Moksha by serving lord Shiva.

Auspiciousness of Thirukadaiyur

The great devotee Markandayar was blessed to remain ever sixteen. This boon of immortality was granted as a result of his devotion and Pooja performed. Another legend shows that once a devotee by name Battar, in deep trance on Goddess Abirami did not pay respect to King Serfoji. The annoyed King asked Battar the phase of the moon of the day. Battar, in meditation replied that it was a full moon when it was a new moon. The angry King warned death sentence to him, if the moon was not seen. When Battar came to know of his punishment, sang in praise on Mother Abirami who rushed to save his life by throwing Her ear ring which appeared like a full moon to all. King Serfoji realized his mistake and understood the intensity of devotion of Battar on Mother Abirami and from then on wards he came to be known as Abirami Battar.

Important Homas of Shastiapthapoorthi

Thirukadaiyur the most sanctified temple that removes hurdles and bestows auspiciousness to all. Our priest service adheres to certain method of Pooja and it starts with Ganga Pooja, Gaja Pooja, Go Pooja and Panchamurthy Archana. This also includes a Pooja with 16 or 32 or 64 kalasas based on one’s financial status.

The 11 Homas performed in Shastiapthapoorthi are:

Details of homa:

  1. Ganapathy homa
  2. Navagraha homa
  3. Ayush homa
  4. Mrithujaya homa
  5. Durga homa
  6. Lakshmi Homa
  7. Vishnu Homa
  8. Sudharsan Maha Vishnu homa
  9. Nakshatra homa
  10. Dhanvanthri Aushada homa
  11. Sashti devada homa

Our priest service confirms the power of this Pooja that brings immense benefits to our dear clients. These Homas of Shastiapthapoorthi confers with long life, health, longevity of spouse, wealth added to this one receives untold blessings from the Gods of Homas and from the divine Mother Abirami of Thirukadaiyur.

Arrange shastiapthapoorthi Rituals in Thirukkadaiyur