Sun Homam

Sun Homa

The Sun is believed to be the ruler of our solar system. He is the cause of day and night and nourishes the world with his light. The position of the Sun in a horoscope, indicates a person's physical appearance and his basic behavioral traits, although there are other factors too. The Sun is the representative of the father, so the parental status, traits, and relationship with one's father can be determined through Sun’s position in the horoscope. Offering your prayers to Sun through Sun Homam will help you receive his blessings and cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximum help from the planetary vibrations.

Homam is an effective ritual of sacrifice using fire. The purpose is to reach out to the Divine, or highest intelligence by offering specific 'sacrifices' into the sanctified fire. Surya or Sun is considered to be the supporter of the life cycle. In Medical astrology, the Sun rules your brain. Sun’s blessings will provide you with vitality and you will have the potency to instruct or command others in a proper way.

A strong Sun in a Birth Chart will make a person cheerful, virtuous, fortunate, and wise. Offering prayers to Sun on Sapthami Tithis that fall during the Sundays; particularly during the Sun Horas are suitable to perform Sun Homam and will help you receive his blessings. Fire is the divine energy that can be seen and felt and is the mediator between humans and Gods.

The Sun can imply that a person's status in society rises gradually during his lifetime to a position far above that in which he/she was born. The Sun gives life force, intelligence, and prosperity. He is indicative of wealth, wisdom, good fortune, and success in all worldly affairs. When an individual is deprived of joy through termination of service, suspension, or through any deeds of the opponents or is suffering from diseases, then worship of Sun through Surya Namaskar and Sun Homam is always advised. It is considered that a fire ritual or homam is the key to turn even the most difficult situation around.

Our aspiration and the skill to realize the physical and the phenomenal worlds all come under the Sun's influence. The Sun God is referred to as “Atma Karaka” (Atma means ‘soul’ and karaka means “significator’). Sun rules our consciousness and individuality. He is the significator of the soul’s desire who will purify our life with his immense grace and compassion. Appeasing Lord Sun by performing Sun homam, will help you receive Sun’s grace and also reduce his negative influences on you.

It is true that an ill-placed Sun in a chart leads to physical as well as mental or emotional problems, a pessimistic attitude, humiliation at the hands of others, and impoverished conditions of life. If the Sun is afflicted in the horoscope, it may make an individual too arrogant or conceited. It may also indicate excessive condescension or boastfulness. It is better to propitiate Sun by Performing Sun Homam or suitable remedies during these testing times.

Appeasing Lord Sun by performing Sun Homam is beneficial in ways like:

  • It will bring happiness into your life.
  • It will dispel financial crunches and bring prosperity to life.
  • It will give you confidence and positive strength.
  • It will bless you with irresistible interest and dedication towards everything which you desire.
  • It will enhance your power and dispel the negative effects of your Karma.

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