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Dasa Bhukti – Know the Positive & Negative Effects of Planetary Movements

The dasa system is determined by calculating an approximate 120-year human life span, and the most important calculation system is the Vimshottari Dasha. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, are the seven planets and Rahu, and Ketu are the two lunar nodes of Indian astrology that influence an individual’s life during a period known as Mahadasha.

It is linked to the grouping of nakshatras or lunar mansions in such a way that each Navagraha is the lord or ruler of three of the 27 nakshatras (3X9), and the Moon’s position is also taken into account.

Dasa Bhukti

The mahadasha of a person is calculated precisely based on the time, date, and the birth location. It is determined by which planet rules at the time, and then a methodical series of mahadashas progresses until a hypothetical period of 120 years. The sequence and times of the mahadashas are as below:

Sun-6 years, Moon-10 years, Mars-7 years, Rahu-18 years, Jupiter-16 years, Saturn-19 years, Mercury-17 years, Ketu-7 years, and Venus-20 years.

Dasa is a planetary cycle that begins with the moon’s position in the star at the time of birth. Dasa is a comprehensive pattern of experiences in life that are likely to occur over substantial periods of time.

Bhukti (minor planetary period) is the relatively small unit of time within the Dasha (major planetary period). At any given time, you will be vulnerable to the cumulative impact of the Dasha (major planetary period) and the Bhukti sub-cycles (minor planetary period).

Each planet has a distinct period of major and minor planetary influence. In a planet’s Dasa Bhukti, that planet is said to have a strong influence on a person’s fortunes.

The impacts of that period may be excellent or not-so-good depending on the placement of the Dasa/Bhukti planets in one’s birth chart. A perfectly plotted Dasa Bhukti can thus remain an invaluable guide that can assist one in being aware of the various crucial aspects of an individual’s life such as health, income, relationships, professional life, reputation, joy, despair, and so on, as well as significant events such as a job, wedding, begetting children, retirement, and possibly death.

Dasa Bhukti, also known as Sub Periods

Dasa bhukti, also known as sub periods, are planetary transitions that indicate positive or negative effects based on their placements in a specific house (rajayogas or yogas), house (bhavas), and aspect (drishti).

Mahadashas play a significant role in people’s lives by either bringing them to the highest point of achievement or causing major setbacks. All of this is because the ruling planet has a significant impact on the individual’s life. Also, because of the relationship between the ruling planet and the planets in the native’s chart. If the Mahadasha is karaka, which means exalted, the period or phase bestows wealth, harmony, joy, and affluence on the native.

On the other hand, if the positions are in disharmony, akaraka, or malefic, the native will have a difficult time filled with problems, loss of money, debts, and diseases.

However, the precise results can be calculated by closely analyzing the lordship and the planet’s placement.

Sub-Periods or Antardashas

The Mahadashas are divided into nine sub-periods or antardashas. All nine planets will have an impact on an individual’s life within the major influence of the planet, which is the mahadasha. For example, Mercury’s Mahadasha lasts 17 years, and each of the nine planets, including Mercury, will have their own phase on the native during which the Mahadasha and Antardasha impacts the person.

Dasa Bhukti Report

When you order a Dasha-Bhukti report, you will receive a detailed, 4 – 5 page document describing the effects of your current Major-Minor planet of influence on your current life circumstances.

Bhukti reports are created by studying the Bhukti planet under a Dasha planet. They show how the planets deliver their energies and lay the groundwork for your life. A Bhukti planet in conjunction with a Dasha planet influences your health, finances, relationships, attitude, and outlook on life.

The placement of these planets in a house and a sign in your natal chart reveals the kind of energies they are inclined to bring into your life. Astrologers study the sources of various energies and their interactions to learn more about your life. Bhukti planets predict the events that will occur in your life under various circumstances.