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Spouse Prediction by Date of Birth

Astrology or Vedic astrology comprises a birth chart indicating our planetary position. This planetary position has answers to many of our questions. Astrology is a way to read this arrangement of planets and search for answers accordingly.

Marriage astrology helps individuals who want to know about their future spouse and everything related to their marriage. There are many ways to predict the spouse; date of birth is another way to make predictions.

The native has to give the astrologer’s date of birth, place, and time of birth. The astrologer then does the necessary calculations and determines the arrangement of planets of the native. In this world, everyone comes with destiny, and this destiny can be seen using the birth details of a native. An astrologer is an experienced entity in preparing the birth chart and reading it to predict the future of the native.

There are marriage astrologers who particularly work to predict marriage happenings. The predictions become possible when the native consults a marriage astrologer with these birth details. With any other information, such as only the name, the prediction might not be very accurate.

Significance Of 7th House

Whenever it comes to marriage astrology, the 7th house plays an important role. Without it, no accurate prediction is possible. Other planets and houses also contribute to the marriage predictions, but an astrologer first analyzes the 7th house.

This is because the 7th house signifies our marriage, spouse, and partnership. It concludes many things about our love life and marriage. The planets in the 7th house are also used to make important marriage predictions.

The planets in this house indicate the nature of our marriage and its longevity. If a native has delayed marriage can also be predicted thorough this house.

For example, if Venus is present in the 7th house, the spouse will be beautiful. The spouse will be more romantic, sensual, and beauty-loving. When Rahu is present in the 7th house, it indicates that the native might have a love marriage or will marry in unconventional ways.

What If There Are No Planets In The 7th House?

Many natives do not have any planet in the 7th house, and they wonder what this can mean. Well, having no planets in the 7th house is not bad. In this case, the astrologer uses the zodiac sign placed in the 7th house to determine the spouse’s characteristics. This way, the astrologer can tell about the spouse’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

This way, the 7th house gives much more information about marital life. It can also indicate if there might be any divorce, death, or chaos in the marriage. By knowing all these indications beforehand, the natives might perform the suggested remedies by the astrologer. This way, they can reduce the malefic effects of the planets and houses and live a more positive marital life.

Navamsa Chart Role In Marriage Prediction

Navamsa chart is also heavily used for making accurate marriage predictions. An ideal astrologer always goes through this chart and doesn’t only rely on the 7th house. This is also called the D9 chart; its 7th house is also essential for marriage predictions. The 7th house of our birth chart gives a general idea about our marital life, and the 7th house of the Navamsa chart gives a deeper idea.

This chart is used to analyze how the planetary placement of a native will shape after marriage. This is because once a native gets married, the planets of their spouse also affect them and vice versa. This is used to predict how the success, prosperity, health, wealth, and progeny will be.

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the unafflicted Moon in the 7th house are considered positive planets. When these are present in the 7th house, it gives you more of a beautiful, witty, young-looking spouse. Moon indicates the spouse to be caring and emotional but also moody. Venus and Jupiter work for the beauty and health of the spouse.

Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu are malefic planets that deteriorate marital life. Their presence indicates unhappy marital life and distance from the spouse. Some positions of Ketu indicate that the native might not get married at all.

Sometimes, there are many planets present in the 7th house. For example, there might be Jupiter or Venus in the 7th house, which indicates happy marital life, and there might be Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, which indicates that the spouse might be aggressive and stubborn. There might be frequent misunderstandings in the marriage as a result.

An astrologer analyses all these details and passes on the accurate predictions to you. However, always choose a professional astrologer to ensure your birth chart is in the right hands.