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Vaikunta Ekadasi – Things to Know About This Auspicious Day

There are 24 Ekadasi or 11th Moons in a year, with Vaikunta Ekadasi being the most powerful and anticipated, as many seek spiritual redemption or relief from the current misunderstanding and mental anguish.

The 11th Waxing Moon of the Tamil month of Margazhi is known as Vaikunta Ekadasi. The winter solstice occurs during Margazhi Month, when the days become shorter and the nights become longer. This is a divine and spiritual month in which the mind and soul can turn to the god within.

Margazhi, or ‘Twilight in Heaven,’ is regarded as the time when the gods rest, and when we pray earnestly and sincerely during this month, it has a greater impact because spiritual energy is much more accessible.

Vaikunta Ekadasi, also known as Mukkoti Ekadashi, is a major fast honouring the Hindu God Vishnu. On this auspicious day, special prayers, yagnas, discourses, and rituals are performed at Lord Vishnu temples around the world.

It is believed that observing Vaikunta Ekadasi keeps the gates to heaven open for when a person’s soul departs the physical body. The soul completes its cycle of death and rebirth by achieving ultimate salvation and breaking free from this mortal coil.

Vaikunta is the sacred abode of Maha Vishnu. According to Vedic traditions, Vaikunta is the ultimate place to enter and rest. The 11th Moon also brings a material energy – prosperity energy, as Vishnu is the archetypal God of Wealth. Be alert and take advantage of the abundance in abundance.

God as Goddess

On this day, Lord Vishnu assumed the form of the Goddess ‘Ekadasi’ and destroyed a demon who was causing trouble for humanity. Vishnu declared at the time that anyone who fasts during this period will achieve “moksha,” or salvation.

Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi is recommended because Lord Maha Vishnu’s female energy is dominant on that day. Goddess Lakshmi represents all things related to wealth and fortune. With her blessings, you could enter the new year with renewed hope.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu opened the gate of Vaikuntam (his septum) for two demons who also requested the boon that whoever hears their story and sees the image of Lord Vishnu coming out of the door, known as Vaikunta Dwara, will attain Vaikuntam. As a result, it is believed that on this day, Vishnu temples create a gateway for devotees to walk through the Vaikunta Dwara.

3 Things You Should Do on Vaikunta Ekadasi

For Vaishnavas, Vaikunta Ekadasi is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Lord Vishnu’s temples. Here are the 3 things you should do to obtain Lord Vishnu’s blessings.

  1. Say the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra aloud.

On this day of Vaikunta Ekadasi, 108 times chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra brings abundant peace, joy, and happiness. Reciting the divine names of Lord Krishna as suggested in the Vedic scriptures is one of the simplest ways to achieve spiritual awakening in the Kali-yuga. Chanting this mantra purifies the soul, aids in the removal of all obstacles in our lives, and ultimately aids in the attainment of spiritual awakening.

On this auspicious day of Vaikunta Ekadasi, don’t forget to seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings by visiting his temples. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are two of Lord Vishnu’s most well-known incarnations. If you have deities of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, or any other avatar in your home, you can decorate them and worship them with great devotion by following all of the rituals and puja vidhi.

Vaikunta Ekadasi is one of the most well-known Ekadasi fasts, so make sure to fast. Fasting on Ekadasi is not only good for our bodies and minds, but it also has many spiritual benefits.

Fasting on this special day not only cleanses your body, mind, and soul, but it also purifies you from within. With all of the negative thoughts racing through our minds, engaging in meditation and devotion can be extremely beneficial in achieving mental peace.

On this auspicious day, reading various devotional books dedicated to Lord Vishnu can help you provide spiritual awakening and spiritual awareness. So, if you have any questions about the Vaikunta Ekadasi we hope this article helps.