Pratyangira Devi Mantra

Pratyangira devi is one of the most talked about goddess in Hindu religion. She is the most powerful Goddess of knowledge and wisdom – the kind that helps you win in life, not just your exams. Her mantra can help us understand the world and its workings.

The story behind this goddess has many facts and has its uniqueness. According to the ancient Hindu religious scriptures, goddess Pratyangira is the incarnation of Sati. She is considered to be one of the most powerful gods of goddess Durga, representing one of its physical forms along with other incarnations Shailputri, Kushmanda, Sikhandini and Katyayani.

The goddess Durga resides in the seventh layer of Sun's rays known as Surya Kosha. The mantra for Pratyangira devi was revealed by Brahma to Kaalbhoomi demon. When he had chanted it, the demon got the powers to create obstacles in the process of creation.

Goddess Pratyangira is supposed to help the worshipper overcome his worldly desires and move ahead in life with ambitions.

Pratyangira Devi is a potent energy that has the ability to reject the bad energies that are created by witchcraft. Pratyangira Devi emerges in a ferocious avatar that combines the forms of a man and a lion.

She has a dark complexion, red eyes, and 4 hands, which she uses to grasp a trident, snake, and hand drum. According to sages who have seen the heavenly Mother, she has 1008 faces as well as 2016 hands.

Four lions are pulling her chariot. She manifested to appease the enraged Sarabeshwara, a terrible avatar of Shiva, and to put an end to Lord Narasimha's rage.

The mantra of Pratyangira Devi is one among the most popular aarti mantras. This mantra is believed to be highly effective for attaining a long life, material possessions and for every kind of welfare.

Mantra(s) for the Prathyangira Devi

“Aum hreem ksham bhaksha jvaala jihvey
Pratyangirey ksham hreemhum phatt
Aum hreem dhum utthishta purushi
Kim swabhishi bhayam meysamupastitham yathi shakyam ashakyam vaa thann mey
bhagawathi samyasamya swaha dhum hrim Aum”

Having been blessed by this goddess with her darshan, the devotees are sure to gain what they desire most out of life: Success in their careers, comforts and luxuries. To obtain these benefits, one must chant the mantra for about 108 times daily or as instructed by the guru.

The individual may chant this powerful mantra after rising early in the morning, just before going to sleep or any of the times in between.

How and When to Chant the Pratyangira Devi Mantra?

Mangal Hora is the best time to chant the Pratyangira devi mantra. It is also usual to witness folks chanting the Pratyangira Moola mantra late at night or after sunset.

On a Tuesday or Friday, start chanting the Pratyangira mantra. An Ashtami, Purnima, or Amavasya day is the optimum day to begin this mantra sadhana. Tuesdays or Fridays, in particular, are highly favourable for pleasing Pratyangira Devi.

The Mool mantra of Pratiyangira Devi must be repeated at least nine times. For best results, chant it 108 or 1008 times, depending on your inclination.

While chanting the mantra, keep a picture of Pratyangira Devi or a yantra of Pratyangira Devi in front of you.

Benefits of Chanting Pratyangira Devi Mantra:

This most powerful Pratyangira mantra addresses the Supreme Mother's wrathful form. It works as a protective shield surrounding the chanter, protecting it from negative influences and dangers.

Pratyangira Devi is Mahashatru Nashini, or evil remover. As a result, when your competitors try to harm you, Pratyangira's mantra soothes them down and incapacitates them.

  1. By filling the house with a protective aura, it keeps negative energies, spirits, and supernatural beings at bay.
  2. Clears the mind of its complexities and tensions, enhancing vision clarity and the ability to make informed decisions in any situation.
  3. Aids the individual in developing extrasensory vision or foresight in order to detect impending danger and remain equipped to combat it effectively.
  4. Removes roadblocks to progress and propels projects to completion.
  5. Ensures safe travel and avoids mishaps.
  6. Removes Drishti dosh or the evil eye's effects.
  7. This mantra has the power to remove ignorance and illuminate the hearts of those who chant it.
Appease Pratyangira Devi