Karuppasamy Mantra

Lord Karuppasamy is the Lord of Justice and Truth, as well as a power and wisdom figure. Karuppasamy pledges to assist anybody seeking and deserving of justice, wealth, overall wellness, and loving relationships. He does not require a lengthy explanation; simply ask your concern and He will assist you in resolving your issues and providing you with the justice you desire.

Karuppasamy is a little-known village god that looks a lot like Emperor Guan, the Taoist God of War, who is famous for his capacity to control demons and bad spirits, as well as his ability to avoid war. But Karuppasamy isn't just any village god; he's a mash-up of four gods: Kala Bhairava, Veerabhadra, Narasimha, and Rudra, all combined into one tremendous force that puts a stop to all evil.

Flowers and holy ash are used to worship him, and yearly festivities are held in his honour in communities. People believe that worshipping him will grant their wishes, free them from drug and alcohol addictions, and safeguard their villages from all misfortunes.

Many people believe he is a depiction of Kalki Avatar, and he is also known as Kalki Karuppasamy. In this Kali Yuga, it is said that worshipping him can help to alleviate delays, establish love and mutual affection, and solidify connections for a happy life.

Karuppasamy's Likeness

Karuppasamy is typically represented as a dark guy with a strong body, big moustache, and intimidating appearance. He rides a white horse and wields a long sword in his right hand. The sword is a sign of power, and it is thought that he uses it to bring justice to the victims. He's also decked out with jewels and flower garlands.

Karuppasamy-Related Events

Karuppasamy is worshipped in communities during an annual festival marked by large events that include various rituals and the sacrifice of goats or chickens to the god. He's also served Beedis (country cigarettes) or cigars, as well as Naravam or other modern alcoholic beverages.

Karuppasamy Mantra

“KLEEM HAAM KARRUPASVAMIYE SVAHAA.”( Chant at least 9 times )

Kleem and Haam allude to a bija (seed mantra), karrupaswamiye is the deity's name, and svahaa is the deity's name.

How to Connect with Karuppasamy?

Karuppasamy is most active at 8.20 p.m. You can schedule a time to talk with Karuppasamy any day.

  1. Visualize Karuppasamy’s form. He rides a white horse while holding a bill-hooked machete (aruval in Tamil).
  2. As you envision, send out a Thanksgiving prayer. Thank you, God.
  3. Ask Karuppasamy by heart to get more private and personal with Him. Make daily requests for Him to be with you.
  4. Recite the Karuppasamy Mantra. KLEEM and HAAM indicate a bija (seed mantra), KARRUPASVAMIYE represents the deity's name, and svahaa denotes the deity's call.
  5. Give Karuppasamy your request. Tell Him what you're looking for, and He'll take care of it. Karuppasamy enjoys being told what to do, therefore give Him a loving command. Karuppaswamy has a strong aversion to weakness. So, like a kid would demand from his father, be bold and firm in addressing Him.
  6. Now you can repeat the cycle by chanting for another 9 times.

As a Karuppasamy devotee, it is also recommended that you adopt His qualities of assisting and serving others. Service to human and other beings will bring Him many blessings.

Benefits of Worshiping Karuppasamy and Chanting Powerful Mantra
  1. It safeguards against evil, spells, black magic, and envy.
  2. Instill self-discipline in your children.
  3. Solve difficulties quickly and easily.
  4. Reduce adversity
  5. Ensure that evil is eradicated and that justice is served.
  6. Defeat evil powers, deception, and betrayal.
  7. Assist in living a happy and calm life.
  8. Blessing everyone with good health and prosperity.
Appease Karuppasamy