Varahi Homam

Who is Goddess Varahi?

As per the ancient sacred texts, Varahi, the Goddess of the earth and the epitome of courage and valor has the face of a wild boar and holds a Dhandam in her hand as a sign of protection. Devi Mahatmyam defines that Varahi was created as one of the Sapta Matrikas by the Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu to fight the demonic powers. She is hailed as the granter of boons and as Supreme Mother.

Goddess Varahi is the one who can give you all that the earth plane has to offer and is an archetype for material wealth, especially gold. It is considered that during ancient times all the kings used to worship Goddess Varahi to bring wealth to their kingdom.

Homam - The Most Effective Ritual

The Rishis, who gave us the technology of Astronomy, Ayurveda, Astrology, Rituals, and more; knew that Agni is more than heat properties and electromagnetic energy. They knew that Agni was a God Himself. When you approach the God Agni, He brings all the other Gods. He also acts as a messenger and transports your offerings to the Gods and Goddesses.

The Homams or Yagnas is one such effective ritual of sacrifice using fire. The objective is to reach out to the celestial, or highest intelligence by offering specific 'sacrifices' into the sacred fire.

Homam a.k.a yagna is the key to change even the most challenging situation around. You can tactically make use of the mystery of Agni to get outside intervention and solutions to your complications, challenges, or ambitions.

Benefits of Varahi Homam

  1. Performing Varahi homam and chanting the Varahi mantra can bestow you with progress in business and career. It can help you attain material comforts. The blessings of Goddess Varahi provide you victory in ventures by removing all kinds of barriers and obstacles. You can also attain success in land or property dealings. The blessings of Goddess Varahi also help in fulfilling your desires.
  2. Varahi is the Senapathi of Shri Lalita Devi and is an extremely powerful and active Goddess who demolishes evil powers, shields spiritual hopefuls, eliminates negativity, and grants wishes. It is considered that worshipping Goddess Varahi on the 8th Moon blesses one with expertise in various abilities (talents), triumph, and prosperity.
  3. Chanting the Goddess Varahi mantra and performing the Varahi homam helps you receive the boon of Goddess Varahi, who can manage the malefic effects of the nodal planet Rahu. This powerful homam can help you obtain divine grace to reduce the Sarpa Dosha and Rahu Dosha. It helps to crush the negativity around you.
  4. In Lalita Sahasranama, Varahi is hailed as Dandanatha Devi, the Goddess who retains the force of justice, whose blessing can petrify the inner and external enemies, eventually leading to the ultimate way of wisdom and spirituality.
  5. Performing Varahi Homa can eliminate monetary challenges, crises and grant material prosperity, luxuries, wealth, and protection against negativity. Your sincerity and openness will permit and open the entrances for empowerment to fill every cell in your being.

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