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Kala Bhairava Ashtami

Time not only rules human life but the life of planets and countries as well. Time is a mysterious phenomenon. It is very much involved with growth. A baby is born and it grows into a boy/girl and man/woman. Plants and animals grow as well. What is time? It is difficult to precisely define it, although it is definitely movement. Consider chronological time. What makes calendar time move is the rotation of planets. If the planets don't rotate, time does not exist.

J.Krishnanmoorthy, the celebrated mystic and philosopher of our century, introduced the concept of psychological time and also defined it as movement. Thoughts move and create time. If thoughts don't move there won't be any time. In his classic interview with the famous British Quantum Physicist David Bohm, Krishnamurthy discussed the ending of time at some length and how one can stop the thought process and experience timelessness.

The Tamil Siddhas had a greater understanding of time than Krishnamurthy and other material scientists who studied the phenomena of time. According to the Siddhas, there is what is known as the Kala Bhairava universe. A divine being called Kala Bhairava rules the universe. His function is to develop concepts of time for different galaxies. For instance, time moves very slowly on Planet Earth. Whereas on other planets that vibrate faster, the movement of time is much faster. It is Kala Bhairava who controls this. The Siddhas are not simply philosophers. They are pragmatists and they designed a number of methods to achieve benefits through an association with Kala Bhairava. In their astral travel the Siddhas made visits to the Kala Bhairava universe and gave a description of what the God (Kala Bhairava) looked like. He is dark in complexion, fierce looking, and has a dog as his vehicle. A person can pray to him to alter his/her bad time or pray to enhance his/her good time, according to personal experiences and astrological circumstances.

Kala Bhairava organizes every individual's personal time. For example, one person works for a minimum wage of Rs.70 an hour. Someone else makes Rs.700 an hour. Still someone else makes nothing in an hour. The person who makes nothing in an hour is absolutely insulting time. If time is unfavorable to you, and you realize that your time is not spent properly, then you can go and pray to Kala Bhairava. Present a request to Kala Bhairava to help you to better organize how you spend your time.

There is an optimal time for presenting requests to Kala Bhairava. This optimal time is the 8th moon.

Generally speaking, the 8th day of the waning moon within every month is an auspicious time to get in touch with Kala Bhairava. But this coming 8th moon on December 1st is an especially good one for him. Special rituals are done for Kala Bhairava on 8th waning moon days.