Significance of Moon Sign

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In astrology, the Moon is associated with emotions, feelings, and the unconscious mind. It is thought to represent your innermost self and is believed to have a powerful influence on your emotional nature and how you respond to the world around you.

Some astrologers believe that the Moon sign is more significant than the Sun sign because it reflects the inner, emotional self, while the Sun sign reflects the outer, more visible personality.

There are many different ways that your Moon sign can be interpreted and used in astrology. For example, it can be used to help understand your emotional needs and how you express your feelings, as well as your habits, reactions, and instincts.

It can also be used to explore your relationships and how you connect with others, and to understand your emotional responses to different situations and experiences.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, learning about your Moon sign can be a fun and interesting way to explore your emotional nature and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

How to Find Your Moon Sign?

To find your Moon sign, you will need your date, time, and place of birth. You can then use an online Moon sign calculator or consult an astrologer to determine your Moon sign.

Here is an example of how you can find your Moon sign using an online calculator:

  • Go to an online Moon sign calculator (there are many available for free on the internet).
  • Enter your date, time, and place of birth into the calculator.
  • Click “calculate” or “submit” to generate your astrological chart.
  • Look for the symbol or abbreviation for the Moon signs in the chart. This is typically located near the center of the chart and will be labeled “Moon.”
  • Look up the meaning of your Moon sign to learn more about its characteristics and traits.

Keep in mind that it is important to have accurate information about your date, time, and place of birth in order to get an accurate Moon sign calculation.

If you do not know your exact time of birth, the Moon sign calculator may give you a “Moon in X” reading, which means that the Moon was in a certain sign when it was closest to the time of your birth but may have been in a different sign when you were actually born. In this case, the reading may not be as accurate.

Moon Sign Compatibility

In astrology, some people believe that the compatibility between two people’s Moon signs can indicate the overall compatibility between their personalities and emotional needs. This is because the Moon is associated with emotions and the unconscious mind, and it is thought to play a role in how we connect with others and form relationships.

To find out if your Moon sign is compatible with someone else’s, you can use an online Moon sign compatibility calculator or consult an astrologer.

Some astrologers believe that certain Moon sign combinations are more compatible than others, while others believe that the compatibility between Moon signs is just one factor to consider and that other elements of a person’s astrological chart, such as their Sun sign and rising sign, are also important.

It is worth noting that astrology is a complex and multifaceted subject, and there is no one “right” way to interpret it. Ultimately, the compatibility between two people’s Moon signs (or any other astrological factors) is just one piece of the puzzle and should be considered in conjunction with other elements of their relationship.

Dasa Bhukti – Know the Positive & Negative Effects of Planetary Movements

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The dasa system is determined by calculating an approximate 120-year human life span, and the most important calculation system is the Vimshottari Dasha. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, are the seven planets and Rahu, and Ketu are the two lunar nodes of Indian astrology that influence an individual’s life during a period known as Mahadasha.

It is linked to the grouping of nakshatras or lunar mansions in such a way that each Navagraha is the lord or ruler of three of the 27 nakshatras (3X9), and the Moon’s position is also taken into account.

Dasa Bhukti

The mahadasha of a person is calculated precisely based on the time, date, and the birth location. It is determined by which planet rules at the time, and then a methodical series of mahadashas progresses until a hypothetical period of 120 years. The sequence and times of the mahadashas are as below:

Sun-6 years, Moon-10 years, Mars-7 years, Rahu-18 years, Jupiter-16 years, Saturn-19 years, Mercury-17 years, Ketu-7 years, and Venus-20 years.

Dasa is a planetary cycle that begins with the moon’s position in the star at the time of birth. Dasa is a comprehensive pattern of experiences in life that are likely to occur over substantial periods of time.

Bhukti (minor planetary period) is the relatively small unit of time within the Dasha (major planetary period). At any given time, you will be vulnerable to the cumulative impact of the Dasha (major planetary period) and the Bhukti sub-cycles (minor planetary period).

Each planet has a distinct period of major and minor planetary influence. In a planet’s Dasa Bhukti, that planet is said to have a strong influence on a person’s fortunes.

The impacts of that period may be excellent or not-so-good depending on the placement of the Dasa/Bhukti planets in one’s birth chart. A perfectly plotted Dasa Bhukti can thus remain an invaluable guide that can assist one in being aware of the various crucial aspects of an individual’s life such as health, income, relationships, professional life, reputation, joy, despair, and so on, as well as significant events such as a job, wedding, begetting children, retirement, and possibly death.

Dasa Bhukti, also known as Sub Periods

Dasa bhukti, also known as sub periods, are planetary transitions that indicate positive or negative effects based on their placements in a specific house (rajayogas or yogas), house (bhavas), and aspect (drishti).

Mahadashas play a significant role in people’s lives by either bringing them to the highest point of achievement or causing major setbacks. All of this is because the ruling planet has a significant impact on the individual’s life. Also, because of the relationship between the ruling planet and the planets in the native’s chart. If the Mahadasha is karaka, which means exalted, the period or phase bestows wealth, harmony, joy, and affluence on the native.

On the other hand, if the positions are in disharmony, akaraka, or malefic, the native will have a difficult time filled with problems, loss of money, debts, and diseases.

However, the precise results can be calculated by closely analyzing the lordship and the planet’s placement.

Sub-Periods or Antardashas

The Mahadashas are divided into nine sub-periods or antardashas. All nine planets will have an impact on an individual’s life within the major influence of the planet, which is the mahadasha. For example, Mercury’s Mahadasha lasts 17 years, and each of the nine planets, including Mercury, will have their own phase on the native during which the Mahadasha and Antardasha impacts the person.

Dasa Bhukti Report

When you order a Dasha-Bhukti report, you will receive a detailed, 4 – 5 page document describing the effects of your current Major-Minor planet of influence on your current life circumstances.

Bhukti reports are created by studying the Bhukti planet under a Dasha planet. They show how the planets deliver their energies and lay the groundwork for your life. A Bhukti planet in conjunction with a Dasha planet influences your health, finances, relationships, attitude, and outlook on life.

The placement of these planets in a house and a sign in your natal chart reveals the kind of energies they are inclined to bring into your life. Astrologers study the sources of various energies and their interactions to learn more about your life. Bhukti planets predict the events that will occur in your life under various circumstances.

When Will I get Married | Marriage Astrology

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Marriage is the new journey of one’s life that a person shares with another person. It is the most important event of our life because it is a matter of a lifetime. A marriage can shape a better future or ruin our life. Hence when it comes to marriage, people take every precaution possible when finding themselves a life partner.

Most people understand that once marriage happens, things become happily ever after, and marriage serves us forever. However, this is not the case in every marriage. Some marriages fail, and the reasons can be many. People end their marriage and divorce, blaming the other person or themselves.

When Will I get Married

Marriage Questions And Astrology

There are many causes why a marriage fails. Also, some natives might not get married when they want to. There might be delays in marriage, and they might not find a suitable life partner. Some might also go for a love marriage but might not be sure about its durability.

When a person juggles all kinds of questions regarding marriage, that is when marriage astrology comes to the rescue. We all know that we all have a destiny, regardless we believe it or not. Every person is born under the influence of stars and planets. Astrology uses the position of planets at the time of your birth and provides you with the birth chart. This birth chart works as your life path map, which can answer many important questions about your present and future.

The astrologer is the person who is experienced in reading the birth chart. Marriage astrology, for example, is a branch of astrology that answers all marriage-related questions. The astrologer can tell you everything related to your marriage and its future. You can have answers about your spouse, age gap, financial situation, looks, characteristics, etc.

You can get to know how compatible you both would be after marriage. You also get to know if there are any afflicted planets in play that might hamper the happiness in your marriage. Knowing all these obstructions beforehand gives you a chance to resolve these using astrological remedies suggested by the astrologer.

Hence many people opt for marriage astrology before getting married, even if it is a love marriage. This way, they resolve all possible difficulties beforehand and live a much improved marital life. This practice of knowing the future of your marital life is followed in many religions.

Hinduism follows Vedic astrology; Christians, too, opt for marriage counseling before tying the knot. People use Western astrology to learn more about their life partners in Western countries. This helps people know the underlying challenges in the marital future and to resolve them beforehand if possible.

Before tying the knot, the families of both people call their astrologers and get the birth charts analyzed. This is because after two people get married, their planetary placements affect each other. When this effect is positive, they live a harmonious, sensual, and successful marital life. If not, they both face many difficulties regarding finances, children, profession, etc.

Seek Marriage Guidance From The Specialists

Astrologers are specialists; they are experienced in reading birth charts. These people help you make the right decision regarding your ideal life partner and other marriage matters. They need your birth chart to make important predictions about your marriage life. 

You can also provide them with correct details such as date, place, and time of birth. Using these details, they prepare your birth chart and analyze the same to provide the answers to your questions.

They can provide you with details on early or delayed marriage. If your spouse has any health, financial, or family issues. Astrologers analyze the complete chart also to know any psychological issues that might hamper happiness in a marriage.

How Marriage Astrology Helps You

Marriage astrology works by guiding marriage matters. Those who haven’t married yet can seek marriage astrology. Those who have found their ideal partner and looking to check for their compatibility can head for marriage astrology.

This doesn’t mean that married couples can’t take help from marriage astrology. If you seem to be in an unhappy marriage or if there are ongoing issues that often lead to fights and stress, you can and should seek help from astrology. Some planetary combinations come in between the happiness of two people. If we pacify these issues on time, we can improve our marriage.

Marriage astrology reveals all the small and big details about marriage. They can also reveal sex compatibility between the couple as it is one of the most important factors in making a marriage lively. Hence many people want to know about their sex life after marriage; they can get to know the same via marriage astrology.

By reading the chart, an astrologer can reveal if the wife or husband is outgoing or introverted. He will also tell how this can affect their marriage. For a happy marriage, two people need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally compatible; astrology checks upon all these aspects and lets you know.

The birth chart also contains information about if the person will get married or not. Some people do not get married and live their life as bachelors. The reason can be found in their birth chart by looking at their houses and the placement of the planets in those houses. They can also be given remedies if they wish to marry, increasing their chances of getting married.


This is pretty much about marriage astrology. If you also want to have questions answered about your marital life, do consult an astrologer. Always go for the professional one as they are experienced and have all the needed certificates to prove their services. Get to know if there are any afflictions in your planets or Mahadasha and Antardasha and how they will affect your life.

Do the remedies as suggested by the astrologer and nullify the negative effects, so nothing affects your marriage life.

What is the Meaning of Ten Poruthams in Marriage?

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The Poruthams or Kutams are the compatibility analysis criteria in Kundali matching. Poruthams discusses the many forms of compatibilities that exist between a pair. Dina porutham, Rasi porutham, Gana porutham, Yoni porutham, Mahendra porutham, Stree Dirgha porutham, Vashya porutham, Rajju porutham, Rashyadhipati porutham, Vedha porutham, and Nadi porutham are the most common.

The tenth porutham is either Vedha porutham or Nadi porutham. It is determined by the astrological approach and the astrologer.

Nakshatra Porutham or Dina Porutham

Dina Porutham offers us an insight into the physiological effect that partners may have on each other. As a result, Dina Porutham is associated with the health and longevity of both the bride and groom in a relationship.

Dina Porutham in Kundali matching is a Nakshatra-based Porutham. In reality, Dina is referred to as Nakshatra Porutham in Northern India and Dina Porutham in Southern India. Dina, as a day, might refer to a Nakshatra day in the old Indian lunar calendar.

Rasi Porutham

Rasi Porutham informs us about the impact of two-person cooperation. The influence here is both external and internal. This implies Rasi Porutham can predict how one life partner will affect the general prosperity of another, and vice versa.

Rasi Porutham even discusses the relationship’s external impact. How the couple’s connection will affect the family, close relatives, in-laws, and the wider social structure in which they reside.

Rasi Porutham is a porutham based on Rashi. The Rasi, or Rashi, is the lunar zodiac sign at the time of birth. Rasi Porutham is measured using both the boy’s and girl’s Rasi.

Gana Porutham

Gana Porutham reveals the temperaments of the life partners, the boy and girl. Gana Porutham is a component of marriage compatibility that focuses on mental and behavioral compatibility. Gana Porutham is the enjoyment that results from a natural connection between two people.

Gana Porutham demonstrates how easily two individuals can adapt to one another. Gana Porutham is determined by the Gana of the boy’s and girl’s Nakshatra. As a result, Gana Porutham is a Nakshatra-based Porutham.

Yoni Porutham

Yoni Porutham focuses on the sexual compatibility of a bride and groom. In Indian horoscope matching and astrology, sexual compatibility has a specific meaning. In terms of sexual compatibility, Yoni Porutham assesses a couple’s desire for sex as well as the likelihood of successful mating between a boy and a girl.

A bad Yoni Porutham could indicate an unsatisfying sexual life. Yoni Porutham is determined by the yoni’s Nakshatra. Yoni Porutham is thus a Nakshatra-based Porutham.

Mahendra Porutham

Mahendra Porutham tells us about a couple’s ability to have wonderful kids or good progeny. It is a Nakshatra-based Porutham.

Mahendra Porutham discusses the general signs of children in married life. These indicators include children’s health, prosperity, and life expectancy.

Stree Dirgha Porutham

Stree Dirgha Porutham describes a person’s prosperity as a result of his life partner. A relationship’s prosperity is more about material prosperity and wealth, but it is not limited to it. True marital prosperity also includes the sukha of marriage, which basically means a happy married life.

This porutham’s name, ‘Stree Dirgha,’ is intriguing. It suggests that it is related to the concept of – women regarded as Lakshmi, or the goddess of wealth for a household. As a result, Stree Dirgha Porutham may speak about how a woman can influence her husband’s prosperity after entering his life. Stree Dirgha Porutham is a Nakshatra-based Porutham as well.

Vashya Porutham

Vashya Porutham or Vasya Porutham speaks of a bride and groom’s mutual harmony. Vasya can be interpreted as relationship control or the respect and understanding of partners for one another. Vashya Porutham, while not essential, contributes to the overall possibility of a relationship and marriage.

Vashya Porutham describes a couple’s connection. According to Vedic astrology, Vashya Porutham represents a connection between two people that aids in the growth and prosperity of a marriage. In terms of spiritual and professional development, this marriage matching porutham may also aid in the development of a positive relationship between the life partners. Vashya Porutham is a Porutham from Rasi.

Rajju Porutham

Rajju Porutham provides useful information about both life partners’ longevity. A good match in Rajju Porutham is said to give both partners a long life. Rajju Porutham is thus one of the most crucial Porutham.

According to a group of astrologers, Rajju Porutham is all about the longevity of husbands. However, we believe in its applications for both life partners, and it is more than acceptable in today’s applications.

Rajju Porutham is a Porutham based on Nakshatra. It is determined by the birth star or the Nakshatra of the Moon at the time of birth.

Rashyadhipati Porutham

Rashyaadhipati Porutham is concerned with the compatibility or openness of the Rasi lords of a boy and a girl’s zodiac sign. This Porutham assesses the relationship between two planets that govern the Moon signs of the bride and groom.

Different people have different perspectives on the specific uses of this porutham. However, we believe that Rashyadhipati Porutham should be used to determine overall marriage compatibility and the degrees of friendliness that two people can have in their respective interactions, such as general sharing of ideas and talking to each other.

Since it is determined by the ruling planet of the birth Rashi. Rashyadhipati Porutham is a Porutham based on Rasi.

Vedha Porutham

Vedha Porutham explains a couple’s capacity to overcome relationship challenges and restore the relationship to its original form. We believe this to be one of the most significant points in Porutham. Every couple will face a difficult situation at some point in their lives. As a result, it is critical that they quickly recover from any problems they may encounter.

As a result, Vedha Porutham ensures long-term happiness and a happy married life.  Vedha Porutham is a Porutham based on Nakshatra.

Nadi Porutham

Nadi Porutham is based on three types of Nadi: Adi Nadi or Khapa Nadi, Madhya Nadi or Pitta Nadi, and Antya Nadi or Vatta. These Nadis are the foundation of Ayurveda, the ancient science of the human body.

So there is a strong indication of what Nadi Porutham says about two bodies’ elemental compatibility. Two life partners’ bodies. The Nadi of the Birth Nakshatra is the basis for Nadi Porutham. As a result, it is a Porutham based on Nakshatra.

Conclusion: An Astrologer’s 10 Poruthams

Whenever the kundlis of a couple are paired in Vedic astrology, these 10 Porutham are used for horoscope matching. (Astrologers may use Vedha Porutham or Nadi Porutham in addition to the 11 mentioned above.) Some astrologers assign equal importance to each Porutham. While some astrologers place more emphasis on certain Porutham and less emphasis on others. As a result, they use a 36-point or guna-based weightage system, with each Porutham assigned a different weightage.

Some astrologers consider Vedha Porutham to be the tenth Porutham. Some astrologers even believe that Nadi Porutham should take the place of Vedha Porutham in the 10 Poruthams.

Spouse Prediction by Date of Birth

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Astrology or Vedic astrology comprises a birth chart indicating our planetary position. This planetary position has answers to many of our questions. Astrology is a way to read this arrangement of planets and search for answers accordingly.

Marriage astrology helps individuals who want to know about their future spouse and everything related to their marriage. There are many ways to predict the spouse; date of birth is another way to make predictions.

The native has to give the astrologer’s date of birth, place, and time of birth. The astrologer then does the necessary calculations and determines the arrangement of planets of the native. In this world, everyone comes with destiny, and this destiny can be seen using the birth details of a native. An astrologer is an experienced entity in preparing the birth chart and reading it to predict the future of the native.

There are marriage astrologers who particularly work to predict marriage happenings. The predictions become possible when the native consults a marriage astrologer with these birth details. With any other information, such as only the name, the prediction might not be very accurate.

Significance Of 7th House

Whenever it comes to marriage astrology, the 7th house plays an important role. Without it, no accurate prediction is possible. Other planets and houses also contribute to the marriage predictions, but an astrologer first analyzes the 7th house.

This is because the 7th house signifies our marriage, spouse, and partnership. It concludes many things about our love life and marriage. The planets in the 7th house are also used to make important marriage predictions.

The planets in this house indicate the nature of our marriage and its longevity. If a native has delayed marriage can also be predicted thorough this house.

For example, if Venus is present in the 7th house, the spouse will be beautiful. The spouse will be more romantic, sensual, and beauty-loving. When Rahu is present in the 7th house, it indicates that the native might have a love marriage or will marry in unconventional ways.

What If There Are No Planets In The 7th House?

Many natives do not have any planet in the 7th house, and they wonder what this can mean. Well, having no planets in the 7th house is not bad. In this case, the astrologer uses the zodiac sign placed in the 7th house to determine the spouse’s characteristics. This way, the astrologer can tell about the spouse’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

This way, the 7th house gives much more information about marital life. It can also indicate if there might be any divorce, death, or chaos in the marriage. By knowing all these indications beforehand, the natives might perform the suggested remedies by the astrologer. This way, they can reduce the malefic effects of the planets and houses and live a more positive marital life.

Navamsa Chart Role In Marriage Prediction

Navamsa chart is also heavily used for making accurate marriage predictions. An ideal astrologer always goes through this chart and doesn’t only rely on the 7th house. This is also called the D9 chart; its 7th house is also essential for marriage predictions. The 7th house of our birth chart gives a general idea about our marital life, and the 7th house of the Navamsa chart gives a deeper idea.

This chart is used to analyze how the planetary placement of a native will shape after marriage. This is because once a native gets married, the planets of their spouse also affect them and vice versa. This is used to predict how the success, prosperity, health, wealth, and progeny will be.

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the unafflicted Moon in the 7th house are considered positive planets. When these are present in the 7th house, it gives you more of a beautiful, witty, young-looking spouse. Moon indicates the spouse to be caring and emotional but also moody. Venus and Jupiter work for the beauty and health of the spouse.

Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu are malefic planets that deteriorate marital life. Their presence indicates unhappy marital life and distance from the spouse. Some positions of Ketu indicate that the native might not get married at all.

Sometimes, there are many planets present in the 7th house. For example, there might be Jupiter or Venus in the 7th house, which indicates happy marital life, and there might be Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, which indicates that the spouse might be aggressive and stubborn. There might be frequent misunderstandings in the marriage as a result.

An astrologer analyses all these details and passes on the accurate predictions to you. However, always choose a professional astrologer to ensure your birth chart is in the right hands.

What Does the Blinking of Right Eye Mean in Astrology

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Would you believe that an ordinary thing such as eye twitching is related to omens or superstitions? If no, then read this. The blinking of eyes or eye twitching superstition is not about just India but is believed in the other parts of the world too. As per Vedic Astrology, the twitching of eyes can be used as a tool for predicting the future. Yes! Your blinking eyes can tell a lot more than you imagine. Although these eye twitching superstitions may be harmless or mild, at times, they can be worrisome for many.

The eye twitching happens on its own for most of the time, and may perhaps not last long, but there is forever a sense behind it. In numerous cultures, eye twitching is linked with specific positive and negative outcomes.

Eye twitching or the blinking of the eyes used to foretell events in countries like China, India, Hawaii, and Africa. The prediction differs in terms of eye orientation and gender. The results also differ based on the twitching of the left or the right eye.

Eye Blinking in African Culture

In certain regions of Africa, if the lower eyelid twitches or blinks, it implies that the individual will weep soon. If the upper eyelid twitches, then that individual will encounter someone unexpectedly.

Eye Twitching in Chinese Culture

The Chinese have their own beliefs about eye twitching or blinking. They believe that the blinking of the right eyelid of a man indicates bad luck and if the left eyelid twitches or blinks, then it indicates good fortune.

For women, right eye twitching indicates good fortune, while the left eye blinking is not a good sign. Some say that twitching in the lower left eyelid indicates that someone would be gossiping about them or there are chances of weeping.

Eye Twitching in Hawaiian Culture

In Hawaii, eye twitching indicates that some outsider may arrive or there are chances of someone’s death. Some believe that the blinking of the right eye indicates the forthcoming birth of a child, while the frequent blinking of the left eye implies a downfall of the family.

Eye Twitching in Indian Culture

In India, right eye twitching is considered good for men and left eye twitching is considered bad. Similarly, for the women, it is exactly the opposite.

Still, it is impartial of the time of day, in Indian astrology. It is considered that our body is offering us some hints regarding the good and bad things that are about to come.

In some cultures, the blinking of the right eye implies that somebody is praising the individual, or that the individual may receive some good news. Whereas some believe that the right eye blinking is the omen of death, particularly that of a close relative.

Blinking of Right Eye for Male

Generally, in India, if a man’s right eye twitches or blinks, then it is propitious. It implies that he may hear some good news related to his career. It can also spell a good future and fortune.

Blinking of Right Eye for Female

The twitching or blinking of the right eye of a woman is considered a bad omen. It implies that she may receive some bad news about her career and may also have to face several problems in their life.

Eye Twitching As per Time

The eye twitching also depends on the time. Yes, you heard it right! If the right eye blinks between 6 AM and 5 PM, then that individual may receive some invitation. And, if the blinking occurs between 5 PM and 6 AM, then there are chances of some tragedy.

Medical Reasons for Eye Twitching

Eye twitching is usual and is not a cause of worry. It is usually short-lived and can be the result of excessive strain to the eyes, fatigue, lack of sleep, excessive use of phone or computer, or can even imply a neurological condition, which needs to be investigated by an eye doctor. At times, nutritional deficiencies, particularly related to magnesium, may also cause eye twitching or blinking.

Left Eye Blinking or Twitching for Male Astrology Meaning

July 30th, 2022 by

We often wonder why our eyes keep twitching or blinking for no reason. Sometimes it may be the left eye and sometimes, it might be the right. Although there are many scientific reasons behind this, many of us would remember our grandmother or elderly people saying that it was a bad or good omen. Some of us might have ridiculed their remark, however, you might have to admit that there are some occult reasons behind this marvel.

In astrology, such a phenomenon comes under the study of omens. Since ancient times, the public has thought that omens can forecast the future and that they are the communication from the gods. Omens may be bad or good. Seeing comets also are considered as good or bad omens. Halley’s comet was a bad omen for King Harold II of England. Similarly, in India, if a black cat crosses your path, it is considered a bad omen in most cultures.

The Shastras and Vedas also offer interpretations of such omens. Also, the twitching or the blinking of the eyes for men and women may have different meanings. Depending on the eye, which is blinking or twitching, it can be both auspicious and inauspicious. There are chances that you might also get surprised after hearing the spiritual facts regarding the twitching or blinking of the left eye.

This article will discuss whether the twitching or blinking of the left eye for males is considered good or bad for men.

Significance of eye-twitching

If we consider Samudra Shastra, then it is considered that the right eye twitching is auspicious for men. If the eyebrows and eyelids of the left eye of a male blink, then it is considered inauspicious. It also indicates that there may be possibilities of a dispute or clash with an old enemy, or there will be an escalation in the bitterness.

If the lowermost part of the left eye flickers, then there are chances of ending up in a verbal spat with someone and you may also have to confront embarrassment. And if the upper part of the left eye, near the nose flickers, then there is a likelihood of something inauspicious happening.

If the upper part of the left eye, near the ear flickers, then there are probabilities of facing health-related problems soon. Similarly, if the lower middle part of the left eye flickers, then there are high chances of financial losses.

Eye-twitching in Chinese astrology

In Chinese astrology, the twitching or blinking of the left eye is considered auspicious. However, if it’s the right eye, it predicts misfortune. The interesting thing is that if the same happens for a woman, it’s completely the opposite. If the lid below the left eye tears, it signifies that a sad or heart-breaking event may follow, or people may circulate rumors about you.

In African Astrology, the flickering or blinking of the lower eyelid indicates that you are almost going to cry. In case, if it is the upper eyelid that blinks, you may have a rapid and unanticipated encounter with someone. 

Scientific reasons for twitching eyes

Blinking or eye twitching is a common symptom and there are many scientific reasons behind it. Some of the reasons include working in low light, lack of sleep, fatigue or tiredness, excessive use of caffeine, neurological problems, or working for long hours on the computer. However, there is no clarity precisely regarding the eye twitching, and it’s difficult to explain.