Sun in Sixth House

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The Sun is the King of Planets and a representation of the Soul. It is a life-giving force with profound energy and the crux of an individual’s identity. It is a sign of positivity and light. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun means power and authority. It is a powerful planet and rules ancestors. The Pitru Dosha (ancestral affliction) occurs because of the Sun’s authority and must be removed immediately.

The Sun helps build courage and create a positive attitude. It builds energy within an individual and helps face and overcome difficulties. It can build intellectual solidity and attract good fortune. It helps build confidence and enhance success.

The Sun can bring many opportunities and help one excel in business. It can also bless one with abundant wealth and bring peace to one’s life.

Sun in Sixth House

What Happens When Sun Enters the Sixth House?

The Sixth House represents Health. The placement of the Sun in the Sixth House is called Ripu Hanta, Shatru Hanta, and Shatari. This placement is considered very powerful as individuals can conquer their enemies. They have the immunity and willpower to fight against negativity and overcome difficulties. Such individuals have great endurance and can go to any lengths to support their loved ones. It enhances their power to combat anything in life.

Leadership & Personality

The Sun in this placement can make an individual with a great personality and possess leadership traits.  This House also signifies a rise or elevation to a higher position in government. These individuals can be very determined and dedicated to their work in politics or administration. Such individuals have great relationships with their mothers and siblings.

The individuals are determined and sincere and will help their friends by going to any lengths for them. With the Sun in the Sixth House, individuals nurture leadership qualities and oversee projects, organize teams, and make critical decisions.

Perfection & Strength

Individuals with Sun in this House are perfectionists and very demanding employees. They work very hard to attain high positions in their careers. They get accolades and admiration for their work, which makes them strong individuals.

Work Ethics & Responsibility

Individuals with the Sun in the Sixth House have a strong focus on their daily activities. They may excel in jobs related to health care and public service. It can give them the drive to face challenges and overcome them. They have a robust work ethic and are very dedicated and determined. They possess a strong drive to accomplish their responsibilities with efficiency.

Service-Oriented & Social Awareness

This placement can induce individuals to undertake service-oriented activities and may find fulfilment in helping others, volunteering, or taking up professions that contribute to societal welfare.

Health & Well-Being

Individuals with this placement are Health conscious. They pay a lot of attention to their Health and lean towards healthy habits and overall well-being.

Strategy & Determination

The placement of the Sun in the Sixth House can enable such individuals to confront impediments and hurdles, use determination and strategic thinking to overcome problems and achieve success.

Impact of a Positive Sun

Having a positive Sun can enable them to be very aware of enemies and cautious. They are mentally strong and can help others. They show dedication and perseverance in their work and gain the admiration of others. They inculcate skills that can take them forward in their careers. They thrive on responsibility and efficiency to be at the top of their game when it comes to their careers.

Such individuals share a great bond with their family and friends. They demand perfectionism and are exacting in their attitude towards work. They are not egotistic and can mingle easily with others.

Impact of a Negative Sun

Employers may be tough and demanding. Employees can be exacting in their work and vigilant about their rights. They should be mindful of not getting exploited at work and work towards fulfilling their tasks.

Excessive pride and ego can result in clashes at work or service-related matters. Overwork or neglecting self-care can result in health issues. Possessing a dominating attitude may result in power struggles in relationships and cause a lot of friction. Excessive focus on work can cause an imbalance in their personal and professional life. They may be rigid in their work approach and find it challenging to work in teams.

Meaningful Sign Placements for Sun in Sixth House

Sun-Leo– This combination can enable individuals to be daring and courageous. They may possess strong leadership qualities and show the way for others. They may be in highly authoritative positions. They achieve success in their endeavours and attain high positions in government. They may learn financial strategies to earn through multiple projects. They shine in positions where they serve others.

Sun-Aries—This combination can allow individuals to be very innovative and pioneers in initiating things and achieving their goals with ease. Their leadership qualities, enthusiasm and determination are their greatest assets. They have strong drive to succeed in their work and make a positive impact around them. Their brave attitude and straightforwardness can keep them happy in life. They thrive on challenges and are not afraid to initiate action. They may be appreciated and rewarded for their tremendous work.

Sun-Libra– This combination can create individuals high on intellect and with an amicable approach to life. They are flexible and supportive in situations. They have a harmonious and a balanced approach towards work and daily routines. Their diplomatic nature and desire for fairness allows them to succeed. However, their peace-loving attitude can cause trouble. These individuals may be calm and unable to stand up for themselves or be vocal.

Possible Yogas with Sun in Sixth House

Budh Aditya Yoga is formed when the Sun and Mercury conjunction occurs in a particular House. This Yoga can bring immense success and a good reputation. It can give satisfactory outcomes and bless high positions and careers as doctors, lawyers and judges.

Raja Rajeshwari Yoga– This Yoga is formed when the Sun is in Pisces, with the indication of Jupiter and the Moon in their signs. They may have the calm of the Moon and the warm personality of the Sun and be highly respected by others for their creative skills and astuteness.

Sun in Fifth House

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The Sun plays a huge role in life on Earth. As the King of Planets, the Sun exerts its influence on other planets, stars, and zodiac signs. The Sun is the centre of all life and the giver of Prana (Life Force). The Sun represents royalty, authority, or ruler.

The Sun is the source of all light and life in the Universe. It is also associated with the fire element, which signifies purification, illumination and transformation. The Sun represents spiritual and creative energy within us. The position of the Sun in the Kundli (Birth Chart) can indicate an individual’s vitality, sense of purpose and direction.

The Sun is also the significator of one’s career or profession, and its placement and strength can reveal an individual’s potential for success and recognition in their chosen field. The influence of a strong Sun can exhibit Leo’s qualities, such as a strong sense of self, confidence, and creativity. The Sun is exalted in Aries, which is robust and beneficial. The Sun is debilitated in Libra, which can cause obstacles, challenges and struggles.

Sun in Fifth House

What Happens When the Sun Enters the Fifth House?

The Fifth House is the House of Pleasure. According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun in the Fifth House can make the individual energetic and intelligent. The Fifth House is called Putra Bhava and also Purva Punya Bhava. The optimistic impact of the Sun can make them courageous and display extraordinary qualities. They possess a highly empathetic nature and are well-liked by all. They are fearless and adventurous and enjoy taking risks. They are strong-minded and love to explore new things.

Self-Expression & Creativity

The Fifth House represents the joys of life and the best experiences for the individual.  Happiness comes from creative endeavours and thoughts, and this House reflects the nature of the individual bringing joy and happiness. The fifth House reflects a creative bent of mind and initiates all creative expressions. Individuals influenced by the Fifth House engage in creativity and self-expression. They are amicable and supportive of family and friends.

Bond with Children

The Sun’s energy in the Fifth House can enhance educational growth. The Fifth House is related to children; individuals are devoted to them and share a great bond with them. They will go out of their way to support their children.

Relationships & Marriage

Individuals with the Sun in the Fifth House enjoy a good family life. They are happy and associated with love and romance. They can engage in an arranged or love marriage, which brings them good luck. There is the possibility of a few disturbances in family relations.

Career, Business & Finances

Individuals with Sun in the Fifth House have a leaning towards creative expression and may engage in art, writing, acting, and other spheres that highlight their creative skills. They may indulge in sports, theatre, and drama. They may be highly talented in sports and earn huge wealth. They become influential and extend help to those in politics. They are strong individuals by nature.

Impact of a Positive Sun

The Sun’s positive impact can make an individual inclined towards recreational sports. They excel in ports and have many contacts, making them immensely popular. They may have self-importance, but they consider the needs of others besides their own. They acquire unique talents and abilities in performing arts. There may be a better scope for higher education.

Such individuals have a strong intellect and a natural affinity for literature and the arts. With the Sun in the Fifth house in the Navamsa chart, they can have great leadership qualities and inspire others.

They have charming and charismatic personalities. They make dedicated partners in marriage and share a strong bond with their children.

Impact of a Negative Sun

The influence of a damaging Sun can make them irritable and arrogant. Their nature of being dominating can make others around them feel inferior. They may be stubborn and resistant to others’ ideas. Their over-confidence and excessively calculative nature can get them into financial trouble. There may be monetary losses due to some bad habits. Their desire for attention can overpower them and make them appear self-centred.

The unfavourable placement of the Sun can affect the romance in an individual’s relationship. It can make the individual restless and proud. Sometimes, they may find themselves in adverse circumstances and resort to incorrect behaviour. They may lose their self-esteem.

Notable Sign Placements for Sun in Fifth House

Sun-Leo—The Sun-Leo combination can make individuals highly intellectual and intelligent and attain success early in life. They may associate with highly influential people. They have strong communication skills. They possess a radiant and charismatic personality that draws others towards them.  They have a natural ability to inspire and captivate others with their talent. Their creative energy is vibrant and powerful with strong self-expression in a unique way.

Sun-Aries– The individuals can be very confident and achieve success. They love exploring creative spheres where they can expand their creativity. Their confidence can help them associate with highly placed people and form new ventures. They are confident, assertive and not afraid to take the lead. They have a natural ability to inspire and motivate others. Their natural charisma and magnetic presence can draw others towards them.

Sun-Libra– The Sun has the brilliance to brighten and illuminate paths wherever it is present, and Libra can bring harmony and balance. They have a natural inclination towards balance, fairness, and harmony in their self-expression. They have a charming and diplomatic demeanour which can allow them to navigate through social issues with ease. They have a knack for bringing people together.

Possible Yogas with Sun in Fifth House

Budh Aditya Yoga—This Yoga is formed with the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in this House and can bless the individual with creative talent, leadership skills, and spiritual powers that can enhance their success.

Sun in Fourth House

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The Sun is the King of the planets. It is illuminated by its own light and is hence also called a star. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is regarded as a planet. The Sun represents power and authority and is associated with people in high positions of authority and influence. People with a powerful Sun are always independent and excel in their field. They do not want to be controlled by others.

The Sun is the source of light and heat and is a vital planet for life on Earth. It represents our soul, and an individual with a powerful Sun performs good deeds and is helpful to others. The Sun gives us vitality, the power of resistance, and immunity.

Sun in Fourth House

The Sun is the life force and the giver of brilliance, willpower, intellect, success, and prosperity. It represents self-realisation and rules over our consciousness. According to the Moon and other planets, we may have dreams and hopes, but the Sun decides what we are in reality. We shine in life-related areas in the House where the Sun is placed in the Kundli (Birth Chart).

What Happens When the Sun Enters the Fourth House?

The Fourth House is the House of Family and Home. According to Vedic Astrology, the Fourth House is called Bandhu Bhava. This House represents domestic happiness and the roots of the individual, who will engage fully in family and domestic matters. It also includes property, cattle, house, land and vehicles.

Family & Relationships

This placement makes the individual attached to the family. The Sun in the Fourth House indicates birth at night and the father’s absence. The mother plays a vital role as the mentor. Relationships with the father will be distant as he may be abroad or have a job with travel requirements and be away from the individual for long lengths of time.


The Sun in the Fourth House symbolises high energy and self-expression. Such individuals prioritise family and home life. They have a strong sense of identity-based on their upbringing. They have deep connections with their ancestors and derive strength from their families. Individuals may be far-sighted and see the larger picture. They have a helping nature and give importance to the people they are close to. They lead the family well and are very creative.

Respect & Social Work

The individuals receive praise, respect, and felicitation from influential members of society. They can hold high positions in any organisation, establishment, or industry. They engage in social work and help develop shelter homes and night schools.

Ownership of Property & Assets

Individuals with Sun in the Fourth House can own immovable assets and properties. This can help them inherit property from their maternal side and add to their assets.

Success in Career

The Sun in the Fourth House reflects an early life of adversity, with success being accessible around the mid-30s. At this point in life, the Sun shines upon the individual’s life and bestows determination and courage to succeed. The individual can become a politician or entrepreneur and be safeguarded from enemies.

Impact of a Positive Sun

According to Vedic scriptures, the Sun in the Fourth House is believed to be auspicious. Such individuals are compassionate and intelligent. They are also able administrators and have multiple sources of income, which safeguards future generations.

The Fourth House, the House of Siblings, is significant for happiness within the home and the family. Individuals are very open and highly dedicated to their families. They take good care of family members and ensure happiness and that the family does not face problems. They dream big and handle day-to-day activities peacefully.

Individuals are sensitive and handle situations calmly and peacefully. They prefer resolving challenges and conflicts passively. A well-placed Sun can give them high authority and posts. They are shy and gentle and keep away from the public eye.  The Sun has an entire aspect in the Tenth House and enhances professional life, bringing high status, abundance and prosperity.

Impact of a Negative Sun

A damaging Sun can bring low and disturbing moments in life. It may be a difficult phase that does not give solutions to individuals. They may be under the strong influence of their parents and act unjustly against their life partners. This could cause disharmony and friction in their marital lives.

Individuals impacted by a damaging Sun could lose their motivation and assertive powers, causing insecurities and low self-esteem. It could lead to disappointments and loss of comfort and happiness. It could affect health, peace of mind, loss of property, and trouble with superiors at work.

Possible Strong Sign Placements with Sun in Fourth House

Sun-Leo– The combination of the Sun-Leo can bestow high intellect and confidence and make you naturally authoritative. It can make the individual very popular and enjoy the support of everyone. The individual exudes charm and has a dazzling persona that can attract others. They can be independent and positive-minded, seeing things from a bright perspective.

Sun-Aries– Individuals with this combination are courageous and have the immunity to fight against any situation and emerge triumphant. They are driven by ambition to achieve great things in life. They can overcome impediments in life. They can take unwanted risks without thinking of the consequences.

Sun-Libra– Individuals under this combination are peace seekers and want harmony in all aspects of life. They are very expressive in an artistic manner. They, however, need more confidence to speak up for themselves or make effective decisions. Others may take advantage of them, causing them anxiety, stress and mental tension.

Possible Yogas with Sun in Fourth House

Budh Aditya Yoga—This Yoga is formed when the conjunction of Mercury (Budh) and the Sun (Aditya) takes place in the same House. It can give good status, leadership qualities, success, marital life, luxury, and wealth. It can be blessed with intelligence, a good reputation, material comfort, happiness, and prosperity.

Sun in Third House

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The Sun is the very source of all existence on earth. Known as the Atma Karaka (Soul Planet), the Sun symbolises the soul. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is revered as Surya Deva. The fire element and the power of life comes from the Sun.

According to the Kundli (Birth Chart), the Sun represents the father, high-ranking individuals and government officials. This powerful planet represents physical well-being, energy, prominent social status, overall prosperity, high-ranking positions, public relations, government matters, wide recognition and popularity.

The Sun is associated with creative skills and represents our ability to express ourselves. The Sun is Uttama (Exalted) in Mesha Rashi (Aries), and rules over Leo. The Sun’s position in the birth chart can affect the personality and life path.

Sun in Third House

What Happens When the Sun Enters the Third House?

The Third House is the House of Communication. In Vedic Astrology, the Third House is called Sahaj Bhav. It is associated with communication, controls all types of correspondence and reflects how people engage in exchanging information. The presence of the Sun in this House makes the individuals very communicative.

Knowledge & Intellect

The astrological placement of the Sun in the Third House is believed to be a favourable combination. It can bring good luck, success and abundance. The individual becomes knowledgeable, intellectual and powerful.

Communication & Relationships

The vibrant and powerful energy of the Sun influences the individual’s self-expression and communication skills. It can impact relationships with siblings in a positive way. They can create solid bonds with others and have a strong social circle. It can make the individual bold, confident and intelligent. Their communication is a reflection of their courage and ego.

Profession & Creativity

Individuals may feel empowered and take up their profession in the communications industry, be it media or administration. Their ability to communicate can enhance their ego. It can give physical and mental strength.

The Sun shines its brilliance and illuminates the mind and sharpening the intelligence levels, making the mind lean towards creative arts, having tendencies towards becoming a professional in the media and communications, or become a writer. This placement can enhance the individual’s curiosity to learn new things.

Influence & Power

The Sun in the Third House can give political clout and influence. They have the wisdom and courage to make the best use of their power and position. They are helpful and supportive of extended family.

Relationships & Marriage

The individuals become more benevolent and courageous after marriage. Their luck increases after marriage and they possess luxurious amenities. They are blessed with peace and progeny.

Impact of a Positive Sun

A positive Sun in the Third House can make them very selfless and supportive of their family members and friends. They have a well-developed mind and are upright, with a high sense of ambition and pride. They are very self-reliant and are strong-willed.  These individuals have the tenacity to move forward in life despite the difficulties and obstacles.

It can make individuals take to socialising with people, and traveling.  On the professional front, they lean towards education and develop an interest in communication and performing arts. Sharpness of mind can enable them to boost their career and growth.

Individuals utilise their position to display their courage and wisdom. Marriage can make them more benevolent and courageous and enhance their wealth. They can become more courageous and charitable. These individuals develop immense clarity and focus that enhances their confidence to achieve their goals. They are keen to explore new ideas but seek evidence before they engage in them.

Impact of a Negative Sun

A negative Sun can make them proud and impatient, and fell they are always right. This trait can make them unpopular and create tension and misunderstanding between them and those around them. They may not have a very smooth relationship with close ones.

These individuals have a tendency to go out of their way to help others and this may be seen as interference at times. They need to be careful and not display their intellectual prowess or educational qualifications as it may appear as though they are being boastful. They need to have a guarded attitude, otherwise it may damage their reputation.

There may be disagreements and disharmony within the family. You may face humiliation and exploitation by those near to you that may create emotional and physical problems.

Possible Prominent Sign Placements for Sun in Third House

Sun-Leo– The Sun-Leo combination may make you ambitious, and the centre of attention. You may be very supportive, loyal and protective of your loved ones. You are highly analytical and possess good communication skills. You are alert and observant and have the ability to think logically. You are benevolent and warm-hearted towards the less privileged.

Sun-Aries– This combination indicates a dynamic and assertive communication style where you possess a natural ability to lead and inspire others through your thoughts and words. You are direct and straightforward in your communication. You leave a lasting impact on others and attract attention were ever you go with your charismatic personality. You carry a lot of positive energy and your speech can be powerful and influential.

Sun-Libra– This combination makes it difficult for you to reveal your true self to others. You are focused on establishing a balance with others and seek peace and harmony in all your relationships. Sometimes this desire to avoid conflict can lead to indecisiveness or tendencies to avoid confrontations. You have the gift for finding common ground and promote understanding between different perspectives.

Possible Yogas with Sun in Third House

Bhaskar Yoga– This Yoga is formed when Mercury is in the Second House from the Sun, the Moon is in the Eleventh House regarding Mercury, and Jupiter is at the fifth or ninth place from the Moon. It makes the individual wealthy and knowledgeable of scriptures. They have a good lifestyle and are extremely capable.

Sun in Second House

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In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is called Surya Deva and defines a human being’s soul. The Sun’s energy can define an individual’s life and symbolises courage, positivity, and confidence. The Sun represents the father. The Sun gives vitality, power, and immunity from adverse events.

The Sun can provide good intellect, prosperity, wealth, good fortune, wisdom, and high aspirations and governs the spiritual relationship of an individual. The Sun takes a year to complete the zodiac cycle and spends a month in each sign. The Sun is an accurate representation of the self.  It is the ruling planet of Leo, the Fifth House, and shares a friendly relationship with the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

The Sun’s golden radiance fills the soul with energy, confidence, and courage. It is the essence of our existence, giving us exceptional creative instincts and helping us overcome challenges in life.

Sun in Second House

What Happens When the Sun Enters the Second House?

The Second House is the House of Value and Possessions. The Second House in Vedic Astrology is called Kutumba Bhava, or the House of Family and Wealth. It is a House representing material possessions, acquired wealth, family, and speech. It is also associated with the individual’s values, ethics and material resources.

Values & Decision-Making Skills

The Second House is associated with an individual’s self-worth and esteem. It indicates the values and principles that guide the individual’s life and decision-making skills. The placement of the Sun in the Second House is considered favourable. It can give a strong sense of self-worth and value.

Wealth & Material Abundance

Individuals with this placement in the birth chart have a natural understanding of accumulating wealth and can attract material abundance. They strive for stability and security in life and prioritise financial goals. Material success is a sign of their self-esteem.

Authority & Self-Confidence

There will be an inner sense of security, skills, and abilities that can enhance self-confidence. The individual may reflect on family history with pride. This astrological placement can enhance speech with authority and positivity.

Financial Stability & Security

It can enable an individual to build on achievements, material possessions and financial stability. It can enhance financial abundance and security, allowing the individual to possess astute acumen to utilise resources effectively. There may be an emphasis on personal comfort, stability and security.

However, attention must be paid to overall health. Individuals with this placement in the birth chart can be wealthy and have a better financial position and status in life. It can also make the individual generous and authoritative.

Relationships & Marriage

Sun in the Second House can hurt relationships and marriage, as Sun in this placement can aspect the Eighth House to influence inheritance and relationship with the individual’s in-laws. This could cause differences within the family and affect the ability to choose a spouse. Overconfidence and ego can cause strained relations within the family and cause hindrances in marriage and family relationships.

Career, Business & Finance

Individuals will desire materialistic possessions and receive the support of their fathers for higher education and careers. They can receive opportunities to go abroad. They may join politics or have a career in high administrative services. They may earn well and accumulate wealth.

Impact of a Positive Sun

The effect of the Sun in the Second House can create strong personalities with high morality, responsibility, and reasoning powers. An abundance of wealth and prosperity can boost their self-confidence and esteem. They can have a brilliant career and take good care of others. They are effective in their communication, strong on commitments, and never break promises.

Individuals with this placement can be supportive of their families. They have the motivation to attain their goals. They can have great success in their career and achieve wealth. They are straightforward and have good helping tendencies. They are inclined towards high-profile people and politics. They enjoy prosperity and abundance and have a powerful personality.

Impact of a Negative Sun

A damaging Sun can make them careful about their finances and practice frugality. Excessive acquisition of wealth and material possessions could be detrimental. They should be cautious and prudent. There can be health issues and conflict in relationships. They should carefully consider tasks and be careful about confrontations with others.

Individuals with this placement are bound to be too careful about safety and staying secure. An over-protective attitude can be detrimental as constantly being in the safety zone can hinder their development and success. Ego and self-esteem may make it difficult to handle relationships successfully.

Primary Zodiac Placements for Sun in Second House

Sun-Leo—The Sun-Leo placement can make an individual have an autocratic and authoritative personality. Having a high position can command great respect, allow them to enjoy luxury, and give them a positive outlook on life. It indicates a natural talent for wealth accumulation. These individuals are about self-expression, creativity and personal growth. They have the confidence and determination to achieve things.

Sun-Aries—The Sun-Aries combination can make an individual very fiery and gifted. They may be natural leaders with a flexible nature and the ability to forgive others. They may also be creative and brilliant in their careers. They have a natural talent for attracting abundance and creating opportunities for themselves. They have a strong drive to achieve financial security and enjoy material comforts. They have a pioneering spirit and are not afraid to take risks or initiate new projects. Their passion and enthusiasm inspire others.

Sun-Libra– The Sun-Libra composition can make an individual ambitious, charming and attractive to others. They strive to strike a balance and equilibrium in financial affairs. They possess a natural charm, diplomacy and desire for fairness which contributes to their ability to attract wealth and abundance.

Possible Yoga Positions with Sun in Second House

Veshi Yoga forms when a planet, excluding the Moon, Rahu, and Ketu, captures the Second House from the Sun. Such individuals will have a treasure of knowledge and leave behind a legacy.

Vaasi Yoga—This Yoga is formed when the Moon is in the Twelfth House from the Sun. If a benefic planet is in conjunction with the Moon, it can give wisdom and great learning, but if the Moon conjuncts with a malefic planet, it could cause memory loss and loss of consideration.

Sun in First House

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In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is a powerful plane symbolising the Soul. It is called the Soul Planet. It is the Soul of the Kaal Purusha, which emits a ray of hope and represents positivity. Being the King of Planets, the Sun represents power, authority, leadership, self-expression, and vitality. The Sun is the essence of one’s being. The luminous Sun is a celestial body that radiates positivity and success.

Sun: The Soul Planet

The Sun is a potent force and celestial body that holds great spiritual importance. It is a life-giving force that gives light and warmth, sustaining life for all beings on earth. It enables ambition and self-assurance.

Associated with fame and creativity, the Sun is a symbol of the father and mentor. Being a life force, it also symbolises health and overall well-being. The Sun represents Divine Consciousness, illumination, and enlightenment. It gives you the inner light and wisdom to guide you to the path of self-realisation, self-awareness, and spiritual growth.

The Sun teaches us lessons of unity and oneness. Connecting with the Sun’s energy can give you self-realisation and inner fulfilment to find a vital purpose in life. When the Sun enters a sign in Vedic Astrology, it is considered a very auspicious time to perform sacred rituals.

The Sun is the King of the Navagrahas (Nine Planets). The Sun takes 12 months to complete the journey and resides in each zodiac sign for a month.

Sun in First House

What Happens When Sun Enters the First House?

The Sun is the significator of the Soul and is a powerful life-giver. The First House is the House of the Self or Ascendant. The Sun in the First House of the Kundli (Birth Chart) can give vitality and positive energy. It can provide an excellent physical appearance and personality, charisma, and radiance.

Profession & Authority

Being the King of the Planets, the Sun can be a successful entrepreneur or professional and exert reasonable control over others. A planet that exudes royalty, the Sun represents authority and a highly placed position in government or politics. An individual with the Sun in the First House has the natural ability to lead others and not be afraid of challenges.

Success & Prestige

In a career or profession, the Sun displays intellect, logic and great self-belief, performing with self-esteem. Individuals with Sun in the First House can climb the ladder of success, gain, and prestige. Individuals with this placement in the birth chart can be ambitious, goal-oriented, seeking acknowledgement and personal freedom. The Sun in the First House displays a dynamic personality, brilliance and authority, excellent leadership skills, willpower and a vast social circle.

Relationships & Marriage

Individuals in this placement may suffer from ego issues and become excessively possessive and jealous. They may impose their will and thoughts on others and prioritise self-love. The marriage may be successful if the individual’s Sun is in the right sign, degree, and placement.

Career, Business & Finance

Highly ambitious individuals with solid character and the right attitude are ambitious for power. They have great leadership qualities and willpower. They may gain political success and remain in high positions for a long time.

Impact of a Positive Sun

A positive Sun in the First House can empower an individual with determination and a strong will. Equipped with self-confidence, practicality and positivity, individuals with this placement can be wiser and more intelligent.

This favourable placement of the Sun can make you a powerful and radiant personality who can attract others. Such individuals enable a positive psyche, taking on challenges and achieving success. They possess a unique thought process that can hugely impact society.

Individuals with a positive Sun in the First House are born leaders who inspire others with their leadership qualities. Their immense self-confidence and charisma attract opportunities to them. Their high energy and enthusiasm can enable them to overcome challenges. They have the resilience and determination to tackle them. Their independent nature allows them to take new initiatives.

Impact of a Negative Sun

Sometimes, the Sun’s strong influence can make an individual arrogant and egotistic, which can cause problems in relationships. Their stubborn attitude and impatience for those not sharing their drive and ambition can hinder cooperation. Only focusing on the self and disregarding others’ opinions and preferences can lead to trouble. They can be very critical of others, and their pride and ego can wreck the harmony in relationships.

The Sun in the First House can impose many responsibilities on individuals, making life stressful. The presence of the Sun in the Ascendant can make an individual self-centred. Moreover, the dominating and controlling nature of the individuals can cause conflict and friction in their personal and professional relationships.

Significant Sign Placements for Sun in First House

Sun-Leo– The Sun-Leo combination can signify a dynamic and charismatic personality with a natural ability to shine. It can create an influential personality who has the power and authority to control others. They have a lasting impression on others. The individual can be in a highly-placed position and a born leader who can lead. The individual possesses excellent charisma, which attracts people.

Sun-Aries—The Sun-Aries combination can create a dynamic personality who is flexible and connects well with others. They possess a vibrant energy that radiates from their core and emphasises their individuality, pioneering nature and assertiveness to inspire others.  They have the drive and determination to achieve their goals. They have a natural flair to lead from the front and have a magnetic appeal that attracts others.

Sun-Libra– The Sun-Libra combination can create a diplomatic nature with a healthy balance between their needs and that of others. Their sense of Self is strongly influenced by Libra traits. The individual has immense grace, charm, and a desire for harmony. They truly shine in relationships.

Possible Yogas with Sun in First House

Budh Aditya Yoga– When there is a Sun-Mercury conjunction in the House, this Yoga is formed without any affliction and nullifies any maleficent effect in the House. Yoga is more effective when the Sun and Mercury are closer in degree. It enables material comforts, wealth and happiness in general.

Raja Rajeshwar Yoga is formed when the Sun is in Pisces and Jupiter and the Moon are indicated in Cancer. This Yoga can give an individual a warm persona like the Sun and also the quietness and calm of the Moon. The individual will be creative and command respect. They will be intelligent and wealthy.

What Is The Dumbest Zodiac Sign?

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As per astrology, it is challenging to determine which zodiac sign is the dumbest or smartest, as every zodiac sign has some unique qualities. But the fact of the matter is that some signs are good at adjusting to new possibilities or making good decisions while others are innovative. Some zodiac signs are known not as dumb but as a little less intelligent compared to others. Here are some of those less intelligent zodiac signs based on their intelligence.


This is a zodiac sign that is considered one of the least intelligent signs. This is not because they struggle with science or math but because they cannot make logical decisions. Cancers are overthinkers and allow their emotions to dictate their way of thinking and judgment. They act impulsively and do not take time to think and consider every aspect of a situation and hence make bad decisions.

Additionally, they are highly emotional and follow their heart instead of their head, which makes them vulnerable, and people take advantage of them. They are also confused when they make decisions based on their feelings and need clarification in relationships. On the bright side, they are happy with the choices and decisions they make, even if they are wrong or disastrous. You should know that Cancers are thoughtful and sensitive people who need help with decision-making when it comes to logical choices.


Leo is known to be creative, confident, passionate and has a vibrant personality. They need constant attention and like to be in the spotlight. They are born leaders but are highly attention-seeking and sometimes do the silliest of things to get attention and gain success. So much so that these individuals prioritise their need for validation and recognition over intellectual pursuits. They are, at most times, the centre of attention and that makes them overlook intellectual pursuits as it does not provide immediate applause or gratification. Despite their immense potential, their need for validation from others prevents them from intellectual growth. Additionally, they are worried about other’s opinions and that can also cloud their thinking and judgement. They learn from past experience, are self-aware, aggressive and impulsive and don’t think before taking action.


This is a zodiac sign that is ruled by Venus and is an earth sign. It is often associated with practicality, stability and appreciation of the good things in life. But they tend to be very stubborn and that can sometimes prevent their intellectual growth. These individuals struggle with new concepts and ideas and prefer to follow the tried and tested ways. While they are persistent and determined, both of which are admirable, they resist change and that hinders their ability to accept new challenges. Also, these individuals find it hard to get back from rejections and setbacks in life. They overthink things and take them personally impacting their lives negatively. When faced with difficulty, they react illogically and become flustered. They are practical but not creative or imaginative. They succeed due to their hard work and support from friends and family rather than their intellect.


This is the first sign in the zodiac and is known for its adventurous nature and assertiveness. They are also people who are both intelligent and not so smart simultaneously. Generally, they take things lightly and are rather aggressive because of their fiery nature. They are impulsive, and that overshadows their intelligence. They find it a challenge to focus on intellectual pursuits and prefer physical endeavours and action. While this does not mean they are not intelligent, they tend to be impatient and rush into decision-making without considering all aspects and that hinders their intellectual pursuits. They stand for their beliefs even if they get no support from others. Sometimes, they are aggressive and that makes them handle situations badly without thinking about the future. Some think that Aries are insensitive as they don’t consider the feelings of others. But it is not true as they are rather restless and impulsive and do not analyse things. They are not deep-thinkers, wise or intellectuals.


Libra is known for its ability to get people’s emotions. They are generally said to be neither dumb nor wise and are in the middle spectrum of intelligence. They may look intelligent because of the way they carry themselves. Libra individuals can be manipulative and do things that look foolish to get what they desire. They are perfectionists and struggle when making important decisions as they don’t want to make wrong decisions. However, they are fair in their judgement and are skilled at resolving arguments and conflicts.


A Pisces individual is an artistic and creative person with emotional intelligence. They care about others and put their needs before theirs. They like to share their ideas and follow through. They have great imagination but struggle with motivation and laziness. They need help to make the right decisions. Every zodiac sign has distinctive traits, and none are completely dumb or intelligent. However, according to astrology, Cancer has the lowest level of intelligence, and Aquarius has the highest.

Meaning And Signification Of Dog Bite In Dreams

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Were you bitten by a dog in your dream and wondering what it means? Sometimes, dreams are so vivid that they seem like it is happening in real life and that can leave you confused. When you dream about a dog, it can mean many things, but mostly it showcases qualities of protection, loyalty and generosity. It can be the memory of a dog you had or have now. However, if it is about the dog biting you, then it could mean different things depending on where you were bitten. For instance, if it bites your hand it may mean that someone you trusted has cheated you. If you are bitten on the leg in your dream it may mean that you are not leading a balanced life and so on.

Similarly, if you have had a dream of a dog chasing you it is said that it is a good sign. It may mean that someone loves you especially that of the opposite gender. So if you have a crush and have a dream of a dog chasing you it is an indication that you should go ahead and express your feelings as the other person may also love you. Even if that may not be the one in love, the dream indicates someone has feelings.

Dog Bite In Dreams

Black Dog Bite In Dreams

If you have a dream of a black dog biting you, then it may mean negativity in life. It indicates that someone like a close relative or friend may have a dark side to them. You should be cautious and should not trust blindly. Alternatively, it may showcase your concern about a friend’s behaviour or action. You may also be worried about the choices that could cause adverse outcomes or harm later.

White Dog in Dreams

When it comes to dreams, white represents peace and innocence. If you see a white dog, it is believed to be a good sign. This means that your friend has good intentions and is committed to you. This may help move the relationship forward or generate a new business idea. The white dog may also represent the inner self.

Brown Dog in Dreams

Dreams are a way to tell things about life, and when you see a specific coloured dog in your dream, it may mean many things. For example, if you have a dream of a brown-coloured dog, it may be an indication of the challenges ahead and may not be a good sign. If you do see a brown dog in your dream, it is best to be very careful when making major decisions. You should think through, take your time and then decide as a wrong mover can cause financial loss. However, pay attention to the way the dog behaves, as it can give you more clues about its meaning.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dog Biting

There are a few animals who are known for their loyalty, and they appear in your life when you need guidance or help in relationships. Dogs are one such animal, and they appear in your dreams to process emotions like love and feelings of security and safety. When you see dogs in your dreams, it means you are worried about your physical surroundings or home, as dogs live in your home and are domesticated. It also may represent close relationships with romantic partners or family and close friends.

If you love dogs, have a strong bond with one or love dogs, you may see them as a source of care and support. They can offer companionship, comfort and protection when you face challenges or tough times.

What A Dog Bite In Dreams Represent

There are many reasons to dream about a dog biting, and here are a few explanations of what it may mean:

  • If your left hand is bitten by a dog, it shows your feminine and kind side.
  • If you are not bitten by a dog that tries to bite you, you may argue with a close friend.
  • If you are bitten on the leg, it means you need balance in your life.
  • If you are attacked by a dog while holding it, you may have to work hard to get success in your goals.
  • If you are bitten on the right hand, it shows activity and strength.
  • If you dream about a dog chewing a bone, it can be a sign that you may have a better understanding of certain things in life.
  • If you are bitten on the fingers, you may lose some talents.
  • If you are bitten on a shoulder, it may mean someone will gain from your help.
  • If it bites your hand, it may mean someone controls you.
  • If bitten on the neck, you should take care of your physical and mental health.
  • If you have a bleed from a dog bite, then there may be a family dispute.
  • If bitten on your ears and eyes, it means someone might betray you.

Remember that, in general, if a dog bites you in your dream, it is a warning to be careful as someone might harm you.

Wallet Color According to Your Zodiac Sign and Vastu

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People always buy wallets from a fashion point of view. However, as per astrology, there is great significance of colours even for wallets. Do you know the wallet colour in your pocket affects your financial status and well-being? Here you will learn about the best colour for your wallet as per your zodiac sign and Vastu.

Wallet Color

Wallet Colour As per Zodiac Sign and Vastu

Many people are particular about the wallet colour, but did you know that it impacts based on your zodiac sign? As per astrology, the wallet colour helps in attracting abundance and wealth. People who choose a particular colour know the significance behind the wallet colour. Don’t you also want to know it to effortlessly achieve your financial goals? Check out the best colours for your wallet according to your zodiac sign:

  • Aries: Those born between March 21 and April 19 belong to the Aries zodiac. Their lucky colours are hues of red, including Pink, red, and orange. Red makes Arians determined and courageous. Pale yellow or mustard would also be good, as it indicates a good flow of money.
  • Taurus: Born between April 20 and May 20 should use silver, green or white colour wallets for the wheel of fortune to spin in their favour. Green is the colour of success and progress and a green wallet is a magnet that can attract wealth.
  • Gemini: Those born between May 21 to June 20 should purchase a purple or green shade wallet. Green is known for fulfilment, growth and abundance. While purple is also good, a green wallet is great for Gemini. 
  • Cancer: Individuals born between June 21 to July 21 should carry white and pink shade wallets as they are deemed good for those under this zodiac. The Cancer born will find harmony with the white colour, whereas pink ensures sturdy relationships and growth.
  • Leo: If your sign is Leo, red, white and yellow are the best shades for your wallet. Even pink is also very lucrative. Red wallet ensures financial success along with security and stability in life.
  • Virgo: Individuals born under Virgo should carry purple, yellow or petal green wallets. Avoid yellow and choose mustard yellow to have a continuous flow of money. Green is good as it indicates prosperity, happiness and growth.
  • Libra: Light pastel, pink and white wallets are good for Librans. A light-coloured or white wallet will help you gain more money, and Pink will also attract the desired partner.
  • Scorpio: Wallet colours that are ideal for Scorpios are red and white shades. A red wallet stimulates passion, energy and strength in a person. It helps you achieve success in money matters.
  • Sagittarius: Pink, yellow and red wallets attract all-around stability and good luck.
  • Capricorn: Black, white and blue are highly recommended colours. Black attracts success and prosperity.
  • Aquarius: Green, black and white coloured wallets are recommended by astrologers for this zodiac.
  • Pisces: Pink, white and yellow are the best colours for Pisceans.

Wallet Colour Significance As Per Vastu

As per Vastu, every colour is linked to specific beliefs. The colours you carry or wear have a great impact on your life. So wallet colour also has an impact on the luck and life of a person. There are several reasons why a wallet’s colour matters. It helps to identify yourself, set the tone for the day, increase your power, give you positive energy, improve relationships, attract good fortune and also enhance positivity.

Every colour bears an impact on specific aspects of life like red showers fertility, green bestows monetary gains, etc. A white wallet enhances earnings and a blue wallet helps gain in gambling.   

Significance Of Colour As Per Vastu

Colours can not only make but also break one’s business, health and financial status. There are a few hues that do not influence at all. Here’s a look at the impact of the distinct colours on life.

  • Green: A green or hues of green are considered the best colour for the wallet. It shows productivity, wealth and growth. It attracts good fortune and keeps negativity.
  • Purple: This is linked with power and wisdom.
  • Pink: A pink wallet indicates bliss and love and strengthens relationships.
  • Grey: It is a neutral colour and safeguards you from misfortune and mental stress.
  • Blue: This colour symbolises loyalty and fosters trust.
  • Orange: It symbolises ecstasy and innovativeness.
  • White: It indicates purity and righteousness.
  • Brown: It indicates stability and strength, encourages financial prosperity and protects from financial risks.
  • Yellow: It is linked with joy, love and happiness.

It is interesting to know that the wallet colour has an impact on your life. Knowing the colour as per the zodiac sign and as per Vastu is not only interesting but also beneficial. When you are at it, also learn about your birth colour and carry it around with you. It may add more value to your daily routine and, if nothing else maybe help in manifesting things that you want in life.

Did You Get A Shivling In Your Dream? Know The Meaning

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Some dreams and visions have a lasting impression and hold special significance in minds. One such dream is getting Shivling. This is a phenomenon that has interested people for many ages. Here you will explore and decode the symbolism of this occurrence and know its connection and meaning. 

Understanding Dreams of Shivling

Dreams are regarded as a window to the subconscious mind. When you see Shivaling in your dreams, it is not random but indicates spiritual elements, deeper emotions, and thoughts that are embedded deep within. Shivling is multi-faceted; similarly, your dreams are, and it takes a keen eye to interpret the true essence.

Shivling Dream

What Is The Shivling Dream About?

Firstly, what is Shivling? For the unaware, it is a representation of Lord Shiva, who is a transformer and destroyer among the Hindu Gods. He is a powerful figure to have come in your dream. But worry not, as it is not some Divine intervention. Dreams are little pranksters that take you on wild rides when least expected.

Some are of the opinion that Shivling signifies blessings from the Lord, spiritual growth and auspicious beginning. Others say that it indicates the need to let go of things and a need for change in life. It can be an indication that you should catch up on meditation and yoga, as Lord Shiva is the ultimate Yogi.

Shivling Dream Symbolism

  • In Hindu mythology, Shiva is the God of creation and destruction and the Shivling is a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva. It indicates the unification of feminine principles, divine masculinity and cosmic energy. When seen in a dream it indicates the need for balance in life and the presence of energies.
  • Transformation and renewal: Shivling is associated with renewal and transformation. Dreaming of Shivling indicates a need for a new beginning, letting go of the past and embracing changes in life.
  • Spiritual awakening: Having a Shivaling in your dream indicates spiritual awakening or a calling to explore the spiritual side. It may also be an invitation to dig deeper and introspect, meditate and do a self-discovery.

Seeing Shivaling In Your Dream

Dreams are very personal and the interpretations can be based on cultural background and individual beliefs. Here are some interpretations of a Shivaling dream:

  • Divine connection: The dream might indicate a spiritual connection with a high power, reminding the presence of the Divine within you and beyond.
  • Release and surrender: Having a Shivaling in your dream may be a call to surrender to a higher force about your fears and worries, trusting the divine plan.  
  • Protection and guidance: Some elders also say that a Shivling dream is a reassurance from the Divine about the challenging times. It is a Divine guidance that offers protection during tough times.

As Per Hindu Mythology

In Hindu mythology, various scriptures and stories give clues to the significance of dreams. The Puranas narrate examples where dreams foretold events and conveyed divine messages. As per experts here are some insights into the meaning.

The Connection Between Mind-Body And Soul

Religious and cultural beliefs shape the dream’s understanding. While a Shivling dream may have a spiritual connection as per Hinduism, other cultures interpret it differently. Knowing these helps in gaining a broader perspective.

Shivaling Dream: Different Variations

Illuminated Shivling Dream: A glowing Shivaling shows spiritual growth, auspicious beginning and positivity.

  • Damaged Shivaling: A damaged Shivaling may indicate emotional turbulence and unresolved conflicts that require restoration and healing.
  • Multiple Shivling Dreams: Seeing many Shivalings could indicate abundance, presence of divinity and blessings.
  • Emerald or green Shivaling: If you have lost a good amount of money long ago, this is the time you may get back. Green or emerald represents victory and hence you may get the strength to fight for your money back. It may also indicate you may soon meet your soulmate.
  • Ruby or red Shivaling: Ruby indicates Kundalini and is a mighty power that makes a person restless and listless. The person dreaming may see a change in fate and also indicates spirituality.
  • Blue Sapphire Shivaling: This infrequent event occurs in the dreams of those who have prayed to Shiva in their past lives. It indicates awakening and love. Your desires of marriage, money, etc., may come true.
  • White marble Shivaling: If you have dreamt of worshipping white Shivaling, it will create a spiritual path to Lord Shiva. You should seek his help by being respectful to him.
  • Mercury Shivaling: If you listen to or act according to the wishes of bad people and lose your self-respect instead of acting according to your conscience, Mercury Shivaling comes in your dream to express your displeasure. It indicates a need to be outspoken and bold and that you should not listen to bad elements.
  • Black Shivaling: A black Shivaling indicates a wedding is on the cards.

Difference Between Ordinary Dreams And Symbolic Messages

Understanding the difference between symbolic messages and ordinary dreams is essential. Pay close attention to the experiences, colours, and emotions surrounding the Shivaling dream to gain clarity. After a Shivaling dream, embrace any positive changes that you have, introspect, and take positive actions. Embrace the transformation and embark on the self-improvement journey.