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Varahi Amman Temple, Trichy

Varahi Amman Temple is in Mangal Nagar, Woraiyur in Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu. The temple enshrines Varahi Amman, who is one of the Sapta Matrikas, a group of seven Mother Goddesses. The Varahi Amman Temple was founded by Sri Varahi Daasar Boopathi Swami, a great devotee of the Sapta Matrikas.

The worship of Varahi Amman, a Hindu goddess, is more common in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. She is associated with Varaha, the boar incarnation of Vishnu.

Varahi Amman is a fierce goddess with the face of a sow and the body of a woman. She rides a buffalo or a boar. She is a Goddess who protects and bestows blessings. Varahi Amman is a powerful Goddess who bestows strength and positivity to her devotees. She can protect one from evil eyes, accidents, and Doshas. In some traditions, she is also associated with fertility, and women who wish to conceive pray to her for a successful pregnancy. She is also a healer.

The worship of Varahi includes the offering of flowers, fruits, etc., and the recitation of Mantras and prayers. Her worship is often performed along with other Mother Goddesses, like Durga or Kali.

Varahi Amman Temple, Trichy

History of the Varahi Amman Temple

The Varahi Amman Temple was supposedly built during the Chola period in Tamil history. The Chola kings, who were great warriors and conquerors, were followers of Varahi Amman, who is associated with mental and physical strength. Before they left the kingdom to wage wars or military campaigns, the Cholas were known to worship her and invoke her blessings. The story goes that when the Varahi Amman Temple was being built, the Goddess appeared before her devotees and told them that they should never build a roof over the shrine.

Hence, even now, there is no roof over the temple. It is said that Amman did not want humans to suffer, but due to their karma, they cannot avoid suffering. So she wanted the shrine to be roofless in her place of worship until all her devotees had a proper shelter.

The Architecture of Varahi Amman Temple

The Cholas were famous not only for their feats in battle but also as excellent builders and administrators. They were great patrons of the arts and often brought talented craftsmen, sculptors, musicians, and dancers from other regions to their kingdom. It was during their reign that some of the most magnificent temples in Tamil Nadu were built. The Varahi Amman Temple is one of them. 

The temple has a shrine with the Vekkali Amman idol at the center. The shrine is in the shape of a chariot. It was made using the silver and gold that the devotees donated. Inside the shrine, one can see the idol standing on one leg while the other is placed on a demon. Obviously, this posture needs a person to be really strong; hence, devotees believe that she is the symbol of power and strength as well as kindness and grace. The temple is in the North direction, the direction that supposedly bestows victories.

Important Festivals of Varahi Amman Temple

The Chithirai festival is one of the important festivals at the Varahi Amman Temple. It takes place on the first day of every month. 

There is another festival in the month of Aadi when elderly ladies visit the temple and perform a ritual for girls. They offer prayers for their well-being and also give them bangles and Prasadam.

Navaratri is also celebrated grandly at the Varahi Amman Temple. It is held in Aani month (June-July). This festival goes on for 9 days and nights. On this occasion, devotees offer the Goddess different kinds of rice.

Benefits of Worshipping in Varahi Amman Temple

Varahi Amman is an extremely powerful Goddess but one who is also very kind and compassionate. She protects all her devotees from harm and bestows many blessings on those who worship her with devotion and sincerity. Worshipping Varahi can eliminate all the planetary Doshas and their evil effects.

Praying to Varahi Amman protects one from accidents and can also cure any illnesses. She blesses devotees with prosperity and happiness. She helps us overcome our enemies and also bestows peace and salvation.

Varahi Amman is believed to safeguard her devotees from evil spirits and negative energies.

She has healing powers and can cure various diseases.

Varahi Amman can bestow wealth and prosperity. Worshipping her can bring success and financial stability.

Varahi Amman is also a source of knowledge and wisdom. By worshipping her, we can gain spiritual progress and understanding.

Being a fierce goddess, Varahi Amman represents courage and strength. She helps her devotees surmount obstacles and face challenges with courage and determination.

Varahi Amman is also associated with the energy centers/Chakras in the human body. By meditating on her, we can activate and balance the Mooladhara or Root chakra, which can bring stability and material success.