Kalasarpa Dosha

What is Kalasarpa dosha?

The word, "Kal Sarpa" itself frightens anybody as the "Kal" (meaning a bad period) takes the form of "Sarpa" (Snake) & troubles the native. For no reason, even the astrologers of today are talking about the frightening effects of Kal Sarpa Yoga. Some of the results, which they opine are, the native’s fate is damned, he cannot earn name & fame in his/hers life, may not get a job or his/hers work atmosphere will never be good, may suffer from financial problems, problems in having offspring etc. all such craps.

According to the modern "orators" of Kal Sarpa Yoga, if all the planets are within the half of Rahu & Ketu or if one or more planets are with Rahu or Ketu, while the others are in between, then it is, "Purna Kal Sarpa Yoga" (Total Kal Sarpa yoga). However if six planets are in between Rahu & Ketu, while another one is located in the other half, then it is termed as, "Ardha Kal Sarpa Yoga (Partial Kal Sarpa Yoga). Some of them say that people born with Partial Kal Sarpa Yoga lead more disastrous life than people having Total Kal Sarpa Yoga.

Effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha:

  • Problems in matrimonial life
  • Problems in getting children
  • Education Failures
  • Delay in life settlements
  • Severe or long standing health problems
  • Financial loss in every investment
  • Problems in getting jobs