Power of Pranava mantra

Pranava Mantra or OM is the primordial sound. OM is God. Om is the realm of all possibilities. It cannot be comprehended by the human mind. The light emanated from OM cleans up our consciousness & it comprises of three sounds Ah, Oo, Ma.

'Ah' sound represents the waking state of consciousness. 'Oo' sound represents Divine Intelligence and it presides over our dream state. 'Ma' sound represents earthly consciousness and rules the sleeping state.

The most powerful Mantra is Aum or Omkar. This sound originates from supreme silence or Sivam which is called Nada Brahman which is the energy or the vibration aspect of supreme. This Primordial Sound, is the main source or seed for all manifestation in this universe. This is composed of five elements - space, air, fire, water and earth that give form, quality and life to all creatures. OM other wise is also known as Pranava; Prana or life.