Importance of Sangu (Conch Shell)

There are certain objects made by GOD and came into existence for human use with divinity. Shanku (Conch) is one among them. Significance of Conch, shell of a mollusk derived from deep sea bed cannot be narrated at one stretch. Conch has been revered and held high in Hinduism since the time of yore. We learn from Puranas that when Asuras and Devas churned the milky ocean for nectar, Shanku came out between other holy objects and was kept by Sri Mahaavishnu on HIS left hand. The intensity of the sound produced by the conch shell depends on the spirals and volume of the conical shell. The sound imparts a soothing effect, vibrates the atmosphere and drives away the evil forces.

There are thousands of varieties available. The famous and holiest among them is Valamburi Shanku (Right Conch). Other ranges include Conch - Left, Line Conch, White Conch and Pointed Conch etc. The big portion with round conical is identified as Male and the one with pointed edge as Female Conch. Valamburai Shanku (Right Conch - Female) is considered as the holiest among all other conches. Sastharas state that Lord Kubera lives in Conch, Goddess Mahalakshmi permanently resides in the conch. You may have seen Shanku being used during Shivarathri pooja in temples. Performing Abhishekams with Shanku brings in peace, unity, wealth & prosperity.