Thai Amavasya

thai-amavasya Thai Amavasai, or the New moon that falls in the Tamil month of 'Thai'. On this day, hundreds of people pay respect to their ancestors as it happens to be the first Amavasai of Utharayanam (Sun moves northwards). Great Siddha like Agasthiyar, Vasistha, deities Krishna and Rama too appreciated Tarpanam.

Thai New Moon Tarpanam and its beneficial results

  • First it ward off all sins of seven generation of our ancestrors
  • Heal the marred negative feelings carried towards their ancestors
  • Helps one to obtain forgiveness from forefathers.
  • Liberates a person from curses and sins.
  • And Tarpanam negate the unworthy desires of ancestors.

On a Tarpanam day one offer black sesame seeds, cooked rice and water to the departed souls. Sesame seeds in particular constitute food of the souls. On new moon days fasting helps to alert one's consciousness as it has a spiritual link with the departed souls who till evening, remain with their relatives on earth.

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