Santhana Gopala Homa

For childless couples

There are many people who have been amply blessed with everything they want, except a child. The lack of progeny has cast many families into a sea of deep sorrow, for all cultures see children as blessings from God. In Hindu culture, children are seen as very essential, as they have to perform the last rites of the dead.

Infertility problems have been rising alarmingly these days. There are many reasons for this. Environmental pollution, obesity, unhealthy diet, modern lifestyle, heavy work pressure, etc., are some of the main reasons. Fertility treatment is a big business these days, as a result. But such treatments are painful, expensive, and do not guarantee success always. Under the circumstances, many have no choice except to seek divine help.

Childlessness is not a recent phenomenon. It has existed since ancient times. Even kings and queens suffered this great sorrow. In the great Hindu epic, Ramayana, King Dasaratha of Ayodhya had three queens, but none of them could give him a child. Finally, he performed a great Yagna or fire sacrifice ritual. The story goes that a divine being emerged from the fire and gave a bowl of kheer to the king, who shared it among his three wives. Some months later, all of them gave birth to sons, one of whom was Rama, an avatar of Vishnu. The Mahabharata too describes how Kunti, wife of King Pandu, used a Mantra given by Sage Durvasa to invoke various deities like Yama, Indra, Vayu, and the Ashwini twins, through whom she and Madri, another wife of Pandu, had sons. King Pandu was under a curse that prevented him from sexual union with his wives.

The Vedas, an ancient repository of Indian wisdom, hold remedies for many problems that plague human existence. Such remedies include Homas and Mantras, which have the power to fulfill our desires. Vedic Astrology, too, comes from the Vedic period and has been used since time immemorial to predict the events in our lives and propose remedies for any Doshas or afflictions caused by the planets, which can be identified by analyzing our horoscope. Lack of progeny, many astrologers believe, is caused by Doshas like Sarpa Dosha, Rahu Dosha, and Pitru Dosha.

But those who have such Doshas in their natal charts need not despair. There is a remedy for this problem in astrology – the Santhana Gopala Homa.

Why Santhana Gopala Homa?

Santhana Gopala Homa is a divine solution to beget a child. It helps pregnant women to have a safe delivery and offers protection to the child in the womb, as well.

The expectant couple who participate in this Homa can get divine blessings for the birth of children, as well as good health and prosperity. It also helps prevent miscarriages.

It is a boon for couples who long to welcome a child into their lives. 'Santhana' means ‘heir’, and 'Gopala' refers to infant Krishna. It is believed that by performing this Homa, a baby will be soon born to the couple who performs it.

Krishna is the protector of lives and has the power to protect the unborn child in the mother’s womb. He can solve the problem of infertility, prevent delays in conceiving and complications during pregnancy.

The energy that emanates from this sacrificial fire nullifies the obstacles in begetting a child; it brings mental peace and creates a desire to have a good child. The Homa vibration nourishes the womb of the lady and protects both the child and the mother from all kinds of mishaps.

Benefits of Santhana Gopala Homa

  • Removes delays in conceiving children
  • Relief from pregnancy-related complications
  • Enables the birth of healthy children
  • Ensures good health for expectant mothers
Recommended time

This special Homa can be performed on Wednesdays or Thursdays and during other auspicious Horas, as suggested by astrologers.

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