Garbarakshambiga Homa

In all cultures, children are regarded as blessings from God. After all, they are essential for continuing our lineage. In Hindu culture, children have to perform the last rites for deceased parents and also observe Tarpanam rituals regularly if their souls are to attain moksha. Hence, the lack of progeny is seen as a curse, and people go to any lengths to be free of this curse. In recent times, due to many reasons, fertility rates, especially among urban working women, have been declining in an alarming fashion. Hectic lifestyles, work pressures, environmental pollution, etc., are only some of the reasons for this problem. Many fertility treatment clinics have mushroomed to capitalize on this situation. Painful and expensive procedures apart, fertility treatments don’t always work. All this compounds the agony of childless couples who are desperate to have a child. For such couples, the divine blessings of Goddess Garbarakshambigai could be the answer. Many childless couples have been blessed with progeny after performing the Garbarakshambigai Homa for the Goddess, who is a divine incarnation of Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Shiva.

A solution for pregnancy

On performing the Garbarakshambigai Homa, childless couples attain parenthood, and pregnant women undergo safe delivery. The Homa heals many complications and issues related to fertility and pregnancy. The impediments in the process of getting pregnant are smoothened with the beam of positive energy from this goddess.

Garbarakshambigai Homa is performed at our Homa Center to invoke the blessings of this Goddess at Thirukarukaavur temple. She nurtures and protects the womb and allows childless couples to experience the joys of parenthood.

Thus one can worship this kind Goddess for begetting a child and to lead a happy life.

Protector of progeny

No celestial being can ever surpass the motherly instinct of this Goddess who is an embodiment of motherhood and love. Garbarakshambigai Devi is the energy form of Parvathi. She is always ready to bless couples to have lovely babies.

This special Homa is done to protect the womb and to ensure the birth of a safe and healthy child. The name of the Goddess has a symbolic meaning; Garba means “womb”, Raksha means “to protect”, and Ambigai is the other name of Goddess Parvathi.

So this merciful Mother gives protection to women, blesses them with a good husband, helps them to have easy child birth, and to lead a happy family!

Recommended Timings for Garbarakshambiga Homa

Panchami Tithi is the most preferred Hora timing for Garbarakshambigai Homa.

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Why Garbarakshambigai Homa?

Garbarakshambigai Homa is a Vedic ritual that invokes Goddess Garbarakshambigai, the protective and compassionate Goddess for preventing miscarriages during pregnancy, ensuring safe childbirth, and bestowing healthy children. Garbarakshambigai Homa is also believed to bestow a good spouse and a blissful, married life.

Who is Garbarakshambigai?

Garbarakshambigai is a form of Parvathi, the consort of Shiva, and she is also the embodiment of motherhood. ‘Garba’ denotes womb, while ‘Raksha’ denotes protection. ‘Ambigai’ refers to the Goddess. The literal meaning of Garbarakshambigai is ‘the Goddess who protects the womb’. Parvathi took the form of Garbarakshambigai to protect the unborn child of Her devotee, who incurred the curse of a sage. Since then, the goddess has been worshipped by expectant mothers and couples who desire healthy children.

Benefits and Significance of Garbarakshambigai Homam

Garbarakshambigai Homa is one of the most effective ways to receive the blessings and grace of the Goddess. For many centuries, she has been known to bestow couples with children and facilitating safe delivery. Slokas and mantras are chanted during the Homa to invoke the maternal love of Parvathi. This ensures that she protects the child in her devotee’s womb from diseases and complications during delivery.

Garbarakshambigai Homa is like a boon for childless couples, and she is the most worshipped Goddess for progeny. Garbarakshambigai Homa has helped many women to fulfill their desire to become a mother.

Avoiding Miscarriages and Pregnancy Problems

In keeping with her name, Garbarakshambigai is believed to have special powers to protect expectant mothers from any problems during pregnancy and childbirth. The Homa is said to get rid of planetary Doshas like Rahu, Ketu, and Pitru Dosha.

Finding the Perfect Life Partner

If you are single and searchin for a life partner, Garbarakshambigai Homa can help you meet with success. Performing this Homa will increase your chances of finding the right partner. Also, Garbarakshambigai Homa can remove delays to marriage caused by planetary Doshas.

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