Ayur Devatha Mantra

'Live Long & Healthy Ever' - Ayur Devatha

Brahma, Saraswathi, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Rudra, Dakshayini and other celestial beings collectively constitute the Ayur Devatha who invites you to receive the blessings of long and healthy life. Om Haam Ayur Devathaabhyo Namaha

Salutations to the Ayur Devatha who safeguards every living creature on this earth plane. Let us pray to Ayur Devatha to strengthen our longevity and gift us with healthy living standards.

You have just experienced the vibrations for robust health through this mantra of Ayur Devatha. When the positive energy of all these celestial beings is imbibed in your soul, your life lines are strengthened.

Listening to this Ayushya mantra daily can fortify your life lines and bless you with a hale and healthy life forever.

To fill your day with tons of positive vigor that can encircle your spirits close your eyes and listen to the mantra once again.

Om Haam Ayur Devathaabhyo Namaha

Appease Ayur Devatha