Jupiter Homam

jupiter Homa

Jupiter by nature is the most marvelous and generous planet giving to the human races, their most bountiful qualities. It is the highly virtuous planet, known as Guru or teacher. Jupiter signifies good luck and good fortune, and a strong Jupiter will be found in the horoscopes of wealthy and influential persons. We can also recognize the good karma received in the previous lives by the position of Jupiter in our chart.

Guru or Jupiter is the controller of all other planets, the esteemed spiritual master of the demigods. Offering prayers to Jupiter through a homam, also known as yagna helps in appeasing Jupiter and lowering his negative influences on you. Homam is an effective ritual of sacrifice using fire. The purpose is to reach out to the Divine, or highest intelligence by offering specific 'sacrifices' into the sanctified fire.

Fire is the divine energy that can be seen and felt and is the mediator between humans and Gods. It is the only aspect that can alter a material component into an etheric one. Out of the five basic elements of existence, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether, fire comes between the physical earthy elements and the more spiritual or unseen elements. It is the bridge between heaven and earth.

Performing Jupiter homam will propitiate him and help you overcome the lack of happiness and enthusiasm in your life. It is true that a weak Jupiter will cause pessimism and depression, anxiety, and self-pity, whereas a badly aspected Jupiter makes for a lack of compassion and congeniality for other people. Chances of material, as well as financial difficulties, are also very high during this period.

Hence, you can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire Rituals or Homams are the keys to turning even the most difficult situation around.

Participating in the timely rituals for Jupiter will provide you the power boost to help your assertive and effective growth in certain areas of your life. It will also avert or minimize the harmful effects that are approaching your way.

During the time that your Jupiter fire ritual or Jupiter homam is being done, you can tune in energetically and consciously receive the inner endowment. There are several ways to participate in the Jupiter homam, by attending in person, viewing via webcast, or connecting with your heart and mind on the day of the fire ritual. Your openness and receptivity will allow open the gates for the empowerment to fill every cell in your being.

Jupiter blesses you with education and knowledge and performing Jupiter homams or Jupiter Yagnas during the Guru horas on Thursdays are ideal.

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