Time not only rules human and plant life but also the planets. Time is a mysterious phenomenon. It is very much involved with growth as it is seen with all creatures that grow into an adult. What is time? It is difficult to precisely define it, although it is defined as 'Movement'.

What makes calendar time move? It is due to the rotation of planets. If the planets don't rotate, time does not exist.

J. Krishnanmoorthy, the celebrated mystic and philosopher of our century, introduced the concept of psychological time and also defined it as movement. Thoughts move and create time. In his classic interview with the famous British Quantum Physicist David Bohm, Krishnamurthy discussed how time ends and how a person can stop the thought process and experience timelessness.

Siddha's perception

The Tamil Siddhas had a greater understanding of time than Krishnamurthy and other material scientists who studied the phenomena of time. According to the Siddhas, it is known as Universe of Kala Bhairava universe. The Siddhas are not simply philosophers. They are pragmatists and have designed a number of methods to achieve benefits through this God.

A divine being called Kala Bhairava rules the universe. Kala Bhairava is the God of Time- Kal means 'time' and 'Bhairava' the manifestation of Shiva. His duty is to control and develop the concepts of time for different galaxies. For instance, time moves very slowly on Earth plane, whereas on other planets it moves faster.

The Siddhas in their astral travel visited the Universe of Kala Bhairava and have given a description of Him. He is said to be dark in complexion, fierce looking, and has a dog as his vehicle. By praying to Him a person can alter his or her time accordingly based on the person's experience and astrological circumstances.

Kala Bhairava systematize a person's time. For example, when a person work for a wage of Rs.70 and the other for Rs.700 and still some other earned nothing for the day shows how each of them value time except the person who had insulted time by keeping himself idle. If time is unfavorable and not spent properly, then it is essential the person prays to Kala Bhairava to get His help to organize the time for better utilization.

Way to please Kala Bhairava

The chanting of Kala Bhairava Astangam is very beneficial. When a person prays to Him, he is freed of fear, obstacle and sorrow and at the same time due to this divine God's grace a person gets instant enlightenment, free from debts, cure from illness and sudden prosperity.

Time for worship

There is an optimal time to present a request to Kala Bhairava and His day falls on the 8th moon.

Generally speaking, the 8th day of the waning moon of every month is considered to be an auspicious time to get the blessings of Kala Bhairava. This year December 2nd happens to be the 8th waning moon which is a good day to worship this deity who is capable of fine tuning a person's time concept. Special rituals are done in temples for Kala Bhairava on this day.