Shraddha Ritual

Priest service brings a single powerful remedial pack to free your ancestors from evil clutches and sends them to the world of souls. Our priest makes you realize the importance of Tarpan and Shraddha.

'Trup' means satisfying God, Sages, ancestors' soul, human beings by way of offering water through tarpan.

Pitar means immediate ancestors

When a person dies, the Shraddha is performed. This ritual sends the soul to the abode of ancestors (Pitri-loka), where it is designated as Pitar.

Vedic guidance

  • Tradition of reading Garuda Purana brings prosperity and gives salvation to those who are parentless.
  • Demonic forces are driven away by the first offering made to fire god.
  • The 'rice ball' should not be placed in the hands of the performer but on the Kusa grass because the invisible Pitris only then accept the offering or Pind.
  • • A woman during her monthly cycle or with an ear cut or has a different Gotra that of the performer is neither permitted to remain nor allowed to cook the rice which is offered in Shraddha ritual.

Entitled person to perform Shraddha

Shraddha is auspicious unlike funeral rites. The son of the deceased father should do it with faith, devotion and reverence so that the father’s soul is liberated. If the father is alive then the son is eligible only to perform Shraddha for mother or maternal grandfather.

Time to perform Shraddha Ritual

The ancestors need to be pleased and their hunger has to be fed. So the appropriate day to perform a Shraddha is on new moon day, solar-lunar eclipses, Yugadhi and Manvadi dates, date of death etc, which brings them good relief.

Merits of Shraddha

This ritual protects the family heir, birth of a boy baby, frees future generation from misery, long life, attain heaven, fame, animals and gives happiness but at the same time by not performing Shraddha makes one’s life miserable and poor.


Atri Rishi narrated to his son Nimi Rishi the importance of Shraddha as laid down by Lord Brahma. Nimi Rishi had a son who performed penance for 1000 years. Soon after this, he died. His sudden death brought great grief to Nimi Rishi who was unable to reconcile with the loss. Accordingly on Dwadashi (12th day) of the month of Magha, Nimi collected all the vegetables, fruits and foods that his son enjoyed and fed several Brahmins, thinking and reciting the latter's name, Gotra (family name) and Kula (linage).

At that moment, Narada Muni arrived and Nimi Rishi, who was stuck in grief asked to forgive his act. The sage knowing his intention advised Nimi Rishi to invoke his ancestors for protection. As advised Nimi Rishi started to meditate upon his ancestors, who soon appeared and informed Nimi Rishi that due to the feeding and worshiping the soul of his son at the right time made him get a place in ‘Pitrloka’.

Specialty of priest service

Our priest service performs this ritual at your place to nourish, protect and support the soul of your dead forefathers in their pilgrimage to reach a higher realm.

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