Sumangali Pooja

Significance of Sumangali Pooja

This pooja is done to invoke to seeking the blessings of the ancestral women of the family who enjoyed a long and prosperous family life and left this world as sumangalies. In each family there exists a set pattern of tradition and procedures regarding the pooja as well as items to be cooked and served. Before performing the Sumangali prarthanai, one should first ascertain what is his Kudumba Sampradayam and follow the same strictly.

The total number of Sumangalies should be 3, 5, 7, 9 depending on how many sumangalies are available in the house and the balance are invited from outside. All the sumangalies invited for the pooja are given til oil, shikhakai, and thaila chhakkai, in advance or on the early hours of the day of pooja. They are then instructed to take an oil bath, wear 9 yards madi-pudvai and assemble around 9 a.m.

After the arrival of the sumangalies, one kuthu villakku is lit and kept carefully. The pooja is then performed and the entire family members offer prayers to the ancestral women of the family and seek their blessings.

This pooja is usually done a few days before the wedding and for the Mangalya, which is to be tied around the neck of the bride. Sumangalis are invited for a feast and offered gifts. The sari used for the pooja is to be gifted to one of the Sumangalis.

Sumangali Poojas conducted in the home or temple it is done strictly by women to pray for their spouses' longevity and a blissful marriage life. It is said Mother is the guardian of a woman's thirumangalyam (mangalsutra). So its also a kind of thanksgiving and a group prathanai for Mother.

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