Moon Homam

The planet Moon rules our mind and brings success. Astrologically, the Moon has extra magnetic energy than the Sun. It receives the light from the Sun or soul and is the vehicle of mind.

Homa or a Fire Ritual aka yagna is a ritual of sacrifice using fire. Fire is the lone component that can transmute a material ingredient into an etheric one. Homas or fire rituals are vital in providing solutions to our challenges at their root cause. Offering a fire ritual or yagna to Moon would help us receive his blessings and can control our mental inclination in the right way.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon whose fluctuating nature impacts our every thought, mood and deed symbolize the MIND of all beings.Moon represents our inner nature and controls our mind, specifically our right brain.

The Full Moon, also known as "Poornima" in Sanskrit is an ideal time to create and manifest material wealth. Offering prayers to Moon on this day can help us tactically use the mystery of fire to get outer intervention and results or explanations to our challenges or desires.

Moon links us to the world and to each other. Moon is the innermost life that only close friends get to feel or understand. It is considered that offering prayers and performing Moon homam on Poornima or Chaturthi tithis falling on Mondays during the Moon horas will help us receive the blessings of Moon.

Benefits of Performing Moon Homam

  1. Helps to improveour self-confidence
  2. Helps to pacify love, accomplishment, delight, and fame in our life
  3. Helps to discover serenity and graciousness within us
  4. Helps in having control over our wellbeing and fitness
  5. Protect us from the probability of ulcer, intestinal and other stomach problems

Mantra for Moon Homam

Om shram sreem shraumsah chandrayanamah

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