Gaja Pooja

Significance of Gaja Pooja

This is a rarely performed ritual that Kings used to do in Vedic times. The ritual will give you success in public life, represented by the elephant, and it also removes obstacles, gives you the power of intuition and wealth from different sources. This Gaja pooja is special as this is being done on Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba's birthday, February 1st 2009. His presence during the rituals would increase the power, effectiveness, and overall blessings available through the ritual's performance.

This pooja is sought after by the rich and powerful. Specially trained priests who know the authentic way to perform this pooja are brought in from a distant neighboring state to recite the sacred mantras and give the proper initiation. His mere presence will empower the ritual and the participants can expect deep changes in their lives.

Elephant has an important place in Vedic mythology. Elephant is considered to be powerful not only because of its sheer physical size but also due to its ability to hold good prana within itself. It inhales a lot more than it exhales and holds the secret for longevity. Elephants have incredible intelligence and their mere presence could calm people down. As per Siddhas, Elephants are deeply spiritual animals which could help absorb the negativity among human beings and thereby bringing peace and happiness to you.

It is said that elephant understands all the languages spoken by humans and is capable of blessing human beings. Lord Ganesha has an elephant face aptly showcasing the divine intelligence of elephants.

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