Karuppa Swamy Homa

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He is the form of Neela Megham or the storm that your world clean, to clear the way for blue skies and help you lead a happy and peaceful life.

The power and divinity of all 4 gods namely Kala Bhairava, Narasimha, Veerabhadra and Rudra is combined together in the form of Karuppa Swamy. He in no time can uproot the evil and ensures justice and bring self- discipline among his believers.

Neela Megaham means clouds that are heavy with water that cleanse the world with rain and it paves way to a clear sky which is symbolically said to us.

Depiction of Karuppa Swamy:

Karuppa Swamy, is worshiped as a Guardian, who remains in the outskirts of the village. He rides on a white horse with a big machete on his hand. He diminishes all the hardships in life. He is rumored to cripple those who dare to steal a grain from an honest farmer.

He does not stop with this but also protects the people from evil eye, curses, black magic, jealousy, negative forces that causes adverse effect on their health. He protects their wealth too.

Karuppa Swamy, a quick problem solver, helps to reduce people’s hard life and makes it easily for them!

He is the Divine Guardian who protects people from 'evil eye', curses, black magic, jealousy or any such things that may adversely affect their health, wealth and happiness.

Let us not take him lightly as he is vigilant all time in the village.

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