Expert Vedic Priests

Our certified expert priests from Vedic school are appointed for this purpose. They bring all the needed materials for Homa or Pooja and conduct it in your place. It is they who bring down the deity of Homa or Pooja through their powerful mantra chants and also see that you receive the blessings of the invoked deity of Homa to attain the fruit.

Steps of Rituals Explained

  • Our priest explains the main purpose of the Homa or Pooja.
  • You are not a mere spectator, but a vital participant so as to experience the divinity of the ritual.
  • Our service does not stop with individuals but is extended to business magnets.
  • We assure an effective and traditional method of ritual as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastra.

Pictures for free:

You will also receive some photos of Pooja from us.