Ayush Homa

For Relief from Incurable Sickness

Ayush Homa is done especially on your Birth Star (Nakshatra) day to earn the blessings of God in order to have longevity, health, relief from ailments, relief from mental trauma & to attain success on the material and spiritual levels. This Homa is performed on one’s birthday and is believed to be good for vitality, rejuvenation, and longevity. It is said to cure serious health problems and even mental disorders. This Homa can have a positive impact on a person’s mind and mental health. It is a remedy for those who are distressed and depressed.

During Kritha Yug or Sathys Yug, Ayur Devata worship was seen to be prevalent. She is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. The power from this Homa bestows a person with good health and longevity that is important to carry out one’s duty on earth.

The day gains immense power when it is ruled by the person’s Birth Star. Performing this Homa on that day brings Her blessings to the person. This powerful Homa brings great relief for children who suffer from severe health ailments.

Markandeya, the son of Saint Mrukandu, was destined to die when he was sixteen. On the day he was meant to die, Markandeya prayed to Lord Shiva to protect his life and tightly embraced the Shivalinga. He also chanted the sacred Mrityunjaya Stotram while praying to Shiva. When Yama, the Lord of Death, arrived and threw the noose around Markandeya’s neck, it also encircled the Linga and Yama. So Yama himself was left fighting for His life. Shiva agreed to spare Yama's life provided he spared arkandeya’s life.

Recommended time

  1. Ayur Devatha or Ayush Homa is performed during the Brahma Muhurta and all other auspicious Horas.
  2. Mother Ayur Devi appeared on Vijaya Dasami, so this day is best.

The subtle energies released during the Ayush Homa invigorate our consciousness and help us to recognize the pure and undying nature of consciousness. Thus, participating in this Homa is considered very beneficial for a Sadhak in two ways – it unveils the Eternal Consciousness and strengthens the body, enabling them to lead a spiritual life.

Ayush is the Sanskrit word for lifespan. By performing this, one can enjoy good health and long life. The Bodhayana sutras say that if a child falls sick often, this Homa must be performed regularly until the child’s health improves. This homam is performed on the first birthday of the child, on their Janma Nakshatra day. This is believed to remove all the evil effects, and the child will have a long life and good health. Vedic pandits perform the Homa, usually during the occasion of the child’s naming ceremony.

Ayush Homam is also performed in homes or at temples when a person has recovered from a terminal illness and wishes to have a healthy life thereafter. 

The Homam is also performed on the 60th birthday (Shashtiabdapoorthi), 80th birthday (Sathabhishekam) & 100th year. While Vaishnavites perform Purusha Sooktha, Sri Sooktha, & Sudarshana Homam along with Ayush Homam. Shaivites start with Ganapathy & Navagraha Pooja, followed by Ganapathi Homam & Navagraha Homam.

Benefits of Ayush Homam

  • Ayush eliminates health problems
  • It’s beneficial for children’s health
  • It can reduce the adverse effects of planets and minimize the chances of injuries, accidents, and major health problems.
  • Brings relief from mental and physical ailments
  • Relief from incurable diseases
  • Success in material and spiritual endeavors
  • Removes the adverse impact of past karmas and improves overall well-being
Ayush Homam Mantra – “Om Haam Aayur Devataaya Swaha”
During Ayush Homa, the following divinities are invoked:
  • Markandeya – Represents well-being and willpower to recover from ailments
  • Chiranjivis – The seven ancient and immortal seers
  • Ashwatthama – Immortal sage and brave warrior
  • Mahabali – Immortal and benevolent king
  • Vyasa – Sage who wrote the Mahabharata
  • Lord Hanuman – The greatest devotee of Lord Rama
  • Vibhishana – Renowned for righteousness, and Ravana’s brother
  • Kripacharya – Immortal sage who tutored royal children
  • Parashurama – Immortal warrior incarnation of Vishnu

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