Change the Energy of Your House, Change Your Life!

Every house has an energy field.

If the energy field is negative, the inhabitants of the house are likely to experience stress and discord.

On the other hand, if the energy field is positive, the inhabitants of the house are likely to feel more peaceful, relaxed and happy.

In effect, the kind of energy your house emits influences your health, your productivity and your fortune.

Simple Tips to Change the Energy of House

1) Allow morning sunlight into the house to brighten the living space

2) Keep potted plants in every room as they emit positive vibrations

3) Discard old, unused items as they emit negative vibrations

4) Arrange furniture so that there is less clutter and more space

5) Keep sea salt in a bowl in the corner of every room as it absorbs negativity

6) Play spiritual, soothing music in the house

7) Meditate and pray in the house to invite more divine energy

No.1 Vedic Solution to Change the Energy of House

Homa, or fire ritual, is one of the most ancient, comprehensive and powerful technologies.

It is a time-tested and highly effective remedy to instantly change the energy of your house as it:

  • Creates a powerful electromagnetic field that brings highly favorable biological and environmental impact
  • Produces sound waves and sonic vibrations of high potential with the chanting of Vedic mantras
  • Produces strong bio-magnetic energy with the use of special herbs offered in the fire
  • Protects the house even from the nuclear radiations using cow dung, a proven antidote to radioactivity
  • Releases divine, positive energy that is known to traverse and benefit people across a large radius

We invite you to feel the power, purity and healing effect of fire rituals performed in your house, so that you can experience peace, happiness and good fortune with your family.

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